Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm a Chicago pug!

I love Chicago.  I know I've said it before, but after my recent vacation, I feel the need to say it again.  We traveled north for one of my quarterly check-ups with Dr. Podell and decided to stay longer for some fun family time.  Not only were mom and dad there, but Gammy and Gampy joined us too!

The doc's new office is close to downtown, so we stayed there for the first few the Hotel Monaco.  It's a very nice dog-friendly place that has these ultra cool window benches.

We had a great view of the Trump Tower and the Chicago River.  Dad decided that the bench was a great place for a photo shoot.


Our first meal out and about in the city was at an Italian restaurant, 312 Chicago.  I got to eat some eggs and potatoes and bananas...and a small nibble of mom's bacon!  Yep, BACON!!  Needless to say, I'd recommend this place in a heart beat!

On the way back to the hotel, we had to stop by Garrett's Popcorn.  While Gammy was inside, dad snapped this photo of me and Gampy.

A trip to Chicago is not complete without a walk down Michigan Avenue, so since it was so nice out (maybe a tad chilly), we did just that.  Mom took this picture near the Water Tower...we even have an impressionistic Thomas Kinkade painting of this tower in our living room because it's a favorite spot of ours.

Anyway, I should get back to the exciting food stories...  So after a bit of shopping at Nike, Columbia, and Eddie Bauer (Gampy needed some new shoes), we went to a small French market called Pastoral.  I wasn't allowed inside (of course), so I had to wait with dad at one of their patio tables.

Anything can be a bolster, huh Sid?
With wine, cheese, and sausage in tow, we headed to Millennium Park for a nice picnic.  Check out these pictures...


Before leaving, we had to get some shots in front of the Bean!  And you won't believe what attention to the last photo...

As it turns out, dogs are NOT ALLOWED ANYWHERE in Millennium Park.  Isn't that just crazy?!?  Dogs not allowed in a park?!?  I tried to tell him that I was not a dog, but a pug which means that I'm practically human, but he didn't buy it and kicked us out!  I guess we should feel lucky that they didn't see me during the picnic.  So if you are ever in town and want a picture in front of the Bean, you better be pretty stealthy!  Gammy took this picture of me, mom, and dad just as we were leaving the park.

So, back to the food.  For dinner, we all went to another Italian restaurant called Coco Pazzo Cafe.  Finally a picture with Gammy in it!  See, she was with us!

Remember how I bark at home for food?  Well, I don't usually do it when we go out, but at this place I came pretty close.  But instead of a full bark, I just got huffy.  It's a bit hard to hear me with the city noise, but here's the video anyway.

So the next morning, in between my bloodwork and the actual appointment with Dr. Podell, we went to a Chicago staple for brunch...Ann Sather's! 

Instead of their famous cinnamon rolls, I only got fruit, which normally I'm happy with, but the smell of that cinnamon was just too much for a pug to tolerate.

Gampy, hand's off until I get some food!  Sheesh!
And it seems as though the day just went down hill from there.  Sure, we went to a dog-friendly custard shop called Scooter's (check out the dog bowl in the pic), but did I get any?  NO!

I was just so depressed from the lack of foodage that I got so sleepy.  Mom and Gammy had to run into Target, so I stayed in the car with dad and Gampy.

Yep, pugs can sleep almost anywhere, in any position.  I'm sure I was dreaming about all the food I missed out on, but I had hopes that things would turn around.  There is more vacation to tell you about, so my next post will be all about our time in the suburbs.  Stay tuned!


PS.  My ear is not quite as icky and stinky since changing drops, so I have my paws crossed that I'll have this thing beat soon.  Mom and dad sure hope so because since the infection flared up again, they don't think I can hear at all since I'm not responding to my pill alarms any more.  But don't you worry, I'm just pretending so I can get extra treats and have the ultimate excuse not to pay any attention to them if I choose.  Heehee!

PPS.  I almost appointment with Dr. Podell went well.  I think even the good doc is amazed with how great I look and feel!  And we just heard back from him on Friday - my bloodwork is fine (well, ok for me anyway) so we don't need to make any medication changes for now.  YEAH!

PPPS.  Thanks to everyone for their care and concern and prayers!


Gracie the Agility Pug said...

Glad your checkup went good.

Thank you for sharing Chicago with us. My mom tries and take a look around whenever she takes the train through there, but there's not always time.

Minnie and Mack said...

You a had food vacation! You sure were lucky to get to taste all that good stuff. Hu-mom never lets us taste good stuffs. Also good news from your doc.

drools and licks,
Minnie and mack

Meredith LeBlanc said...

YAYAYAYAY! Good news on the good check up! We're thrilled to hear it :)

And what fun you had! Phooey on Millennium Park - obviously they aren't smart enough to know how awesome Pugs are.

Meredith & Scarlet

Archie and Melissa said...

hi payton!
oh it is soooo nice to meet you and your family!
thank you so much for saying hello today!
we cannot wait to follow all of your posts!
a & m

Noodles said...

Oh Payton! I wanna go to Chicago TOO! Mommy #1 says it is one of her FAVORITIST places ever! Maybe next time you go see the Dr I can come along? I only live 9,999,999,999 miles away.
Love Noodles

Minnie Moo said...

So glad you're feeling better. Chicago sounds awesome. I've never been! I hate it when places won't let dogs's kind of silly, I mean we are pugs, we are obviously clean and adorable!
Glad you had a great trip. My mama is going to e-mail ya'll soon.


Minnie Moo

Frank said...

I am so happy that your doctors appointment went well, I am always thinking about you and sending you puggy prayers since we met, you are such an inspiration to me! I love all the photos of Chicago, Mum has been there in the snow once, it looks so beautiful there! The photos from the window are amazing! I love the pic of the bean too, no dogs allowed in the park that's so wrong, we pugs are people not dogs, mum says I'm more people than most humans out there! I love all the food! Yummy! I'm so glad you had a wonderful time! Love and pHUGS from Frank x x x x x Ps, To answer your question from my blog, yes I do live here, its a beautiful place to live with lots of countryside and places for me to hike,sniff,run,swim and just have lots of puggy fun!

Pug Slope said...

Payton, you and your family sure know how to do a vacation right! Hanging out with the family, eating good food, visiting the parks and historic definitely covered all the good stuff. I haven't been to the actual city myself but I've been to the Chicago suburbs before (where my grand-pug-rents live).

Next time my parents go, though, we're gonna have to make it downtown. We'll definitely keep you guys posted so we can meet up, too!

You did a great job turning that table into a bolster (you must be adhering to my slogan of "Turn the World into Your Bolster").

Glad you got a few photos next to the Bean before they kicked you out. I can't believe dogs aren't allowed there. What the pug is up with that rule?

Well, glad your overall trip was a blast. And glad to hear your doctor visit went well, too.

I think after all that running around you need a couple days to relax!

-Love, Sid.

Suki said...

Hi Payton,
What a great trip for you and your family. I think we need to start a Pug-petition for the mean Park Ranger to allow Pugs at the bean. Come on, don't they know a bean stands for food, hello, Pugs and food...

The hotel looks awesome. I would totally sleep in the window seat.

Great pictures, thanks for sharing.


Wilma said...

Hi Payton,
What good times you enjoyed in Chi town. It is probably just as well that you didn't get a ton of foodables, as I learned the hard way this weekend. Thanks for your prayers, they definitely worked, cuz I am still feeling fine! Couldn't see all of your pictures on this iPad, so I will have Mom boot up the big outer later so I can check those out too. Especially the video. Can't wait to hear about the rest of your adventure!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

HI Payton.
Your story made me and my moms smile..
because we see that YOU are the appple of everyones eye!
I loved all your photos,, too bad you did not get any cinimon roll, but I bet someone snuck you a bite. Hummm did Grammy or Grampy sneak you a bite? I will not tell.
One time i had some drops for my ears, and I lost my hearing but it came back later.
I am glad your check up went ok,,,, what a brave girl you are to have blood drawn

Southern Fried Pugs said...

Payton, what a cosmopolitan pug you are! We would have peed all over that bean thing and gotten kicked out for cause!

agent99 said...

Uh, get to all the fancy places! We don't get treated THAT well, and we live here! Next you roll into town, give us some warning! We'll be happy to take stroll down Miracle Mile with you and your two-leggers!

Gen & the Foo

Winston Wilbur said...

That is great news Payton. Abouts the Dr. visit.

Now abouts that nasty ranger. Pft I am so sick and tired of peoples confusing us pugs for dogs. Jeeze! No Dogs..... puleaze.... we are pugs sir not dogs.

I totally snuff when I want food. I heards you in the video and Mum says I do the sames thing. Eventually I get louder then I whimper likes a little girl pug..... that is what Mum says anyways. I don't agree.

Cool hotel room, gosh I wants to visit Chicago one day toos.


pugmama said...

glad to hear the checkup went well! sounds like there was some serious celebrating going on!

Vito and Gina said...

Payton you are making me drool. Literally, all over my mom's leg. I'm so jealous! We love the picture of you and your mom at that 312 place, that's a framer for sure!! And that hotel looks SO COOL!!

So glad your check up went well, friend! PS next time you come to visit, bring some mangoes.