Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Barefoot in the backyard

I love all of the holidays we celebrate in the winter, but I get such bad cabin fever.  All of this horrible cold, rainy, and grey weather has got me thinking about summer already.  Sometimes even when it's really hot outside, I love to soak up the sun, sniff the wind, and spread out in the grass.  Here's a few pictures that mom and dad took from this spring and fall while I was trying to relax.

Ok, so that was more than a few photos I guess.  You know, I totally need a "do not disturb" sign for when I just want to chill in my backyard.  Sheesh!  Here's to a day spent dreaming about the sun and fun of summer...


Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving and Christmas all in one weekend

It was so hard to wait until Saturday to enjoy all the great smells and tastes of a big Thanksgiving feast, but it was worth it.



Ok, I really didn't get to eat any of the turkey.  But I did get fresh green beans, and when it was time for my afternoon pills, my dad gave them to me in the mashed sweet potatoes!  YUMMY!  But I haven't even told you the best part...PIE!  Yep, I got my own slice of pumpkin pie, without the crust, but with WHIPPY!

Happy Thanksgiving from mom, dad, Gampy, me and Gammy!
It was torture having to wait for a group picture so I tried to dig in early as you can see above.

There's more, right?  Because I really want more pie.
Well, not only did we celebrate Thanksgiving this weekend, but on Sunday we started putting up the Christmas tree and other decorations.  Mom played her Christmas music non-stop.  I guess I don't mind it, but she better add some new songs to the collection to increase the variety.  Anyway, we will finish today so I can pose for pictures to put on my Christmas cards.  I'll tell you about those this weekend. Time to nap and recuperate from such a fun weekend!


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

There won't be any pictures of me with the feast until Saturday when Gammy and Gampy come over to celebrate.  I'm staying with them today while my 'rents celebrate with dad's family.  I hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family, friends, and lots of table scraps!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My big heart

I can't believe how lucky I am to have so many friends rally to support me and my family!  We were so overwhelmed by your comments yesterday and could totally feel all of the love.  Words can't express how much it means to us.  Thank you.

Well, I almost didn't make it to my appointment yesterday afternoon.  After getting all of my stuff together, my mom realized that she didn't have the foggiest idea where her keys were.  I guess those are important for operating the car.  She finally found them and we made it only a minute or two late.  They removed the stitches on my ear first and then took me back for some X-Rays.  The radiograph showed that I have an enlarged heart, so my fainting was most likely the result of a heart problem.  I'm going to see a cardiologist in the same office and on the same day as my appointment with Dr. Podell after Christmas.  Our local vet said that it was ok to wait that long and that it would be essential for the two specialists to coordinate.  Evidently many heart meds don't work so well with anti-seizure meds.  Dr. L will perform an echocardiogram to determine how weak my heart is, and together with Dr. P, decide on the best treatment.  Anyway, I have been trying to cheer up my mom and told her that it was only because I love so much, but everyone is sad.  But don't worry, I know we'll get through this like we have with everything else.  There is still hope.  We need to wait and hear what the cardiologist thinks.  And besides, nothing can keep me down!

On a lighter note, the vet said that my poop is great!  I was over due for a check-up and after all that "picture" taking, I was ready to give a sample.  Perfect timing if you ask me.  Mom was just glad no one else was in the room at the time!  Hehee!

Hope everyone is almost ready for the big feast (aka Thanksgiving) tomorrow!  Besides focusing on food, don't forget to give thanks!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Payton's battle with PDE...seizure types

Hi everyone.  This is kind of a serious post today.  I had an "episode" recently where I fainted.  After I was just starting to come out of a seizure, I completely passed out in my mom's arms, limp as a wet noodle.  I scared her and my Gammy.  For a split second they thought I might have died, but quickly realized I was still breathing.  Once I woke up, I was completely fine.  I don't know what all the fuss is about, but mom was nervous and didn't know what happened so she contacted Dr. Podell, who has ordered some heart related tests at my local vet.  I'll be going in for an appointment later today to finally get my stitches removed and for thoracic radiographs.  He also wants me to get a screening ECG, but my local vet doesn't do that, so I may need to see the cardiologist in the same specialty center where Dr. Podell works.  All of this reminded my mom that she's never really dedicated a post to the kinds of seizures that I have.  So I said she could take over the blog for 10 treats and a new toy.  And don't worry, I'm holding her to it!

Hi everyone!  Christy here.  Unfortunately, Payton has now added a new kind of seizure to her repertoire, bringing the total variations up to 3.  I've briefly mentioned 2 of them in previous posts, but feel that I should take the time to describe each in more detail so the information is available.  But please don't be alarmed...

...Payton is doing GREAT!  Even despite her recent fainting episode (although we'd sure appreciate your thoughts and prayers that there isn't anything serious that may have been the cause). 

The first kind of seizure that Payton experienced didn't have a trigger outside of the disease itself.  These were sometimes mild focal seizures (twitching or muscle spasms) in the face or legs and usually progressed to full body convulsions/tremors with foaming at the mouth.  There were the kind of seizures she had at the beginning and during 2 or 3 relapses when the disease had progressed and her medications needed to be modified.  The focal seizures are constant, but the full body seizures usually last about 30 seconds to a full minute and cluster in groups and get worse or repeat every so often without medical intervention.  This is when we've had to give her Diazapam and rush her to the vet.  I am so happy to say that Payton hasn't had one of these in a really long time.

About a year and a half to two years ago, Payton developed what we call "bathroom" seizures.  These have been occurring about once every week or two after or just before Payton has to eliminate.  They are full body seizures that start mild then turn severe with her front legs stiff, back legs kicking/pulsing, and her head leaning to the right with a left eye twitch (although rarely she has leaned toward the left with a right eye twitch since the disease has progressed to both sides of her brain).  Dr. Podell has explained that most likely the part of the brain that controls bathroom processes is impaired and gets "irritated" triggering a seizure if she is concentrating too hard.  And since Payton is always trying to find the best spot, sometimes she does get a bit too focused.  And for some reason, the cold makes these worse and occur more often (hence the need for her Porch Potty and finished garage).  This is something that Payton will have to live with.

Lastly, and most recently (like only a couple of months ago), she has started having what we now call "excited" seizures.  Payton has only had a handful of these and they seem to be triggered when she gets, well, super excited.  Like when she is hyped with anticipation just before a meal time combined with the thrill of dad coming home or Gammy stopping by for a visit.  She gets herself all worked up, jumping and kissing/licking, to the point where her breathing becomes labored triggering a short (about only 10 to 20 seconds) and more mild seizure with all legs straight and her head thrown back and pressed to the left.  This is the kind of seizure that Payton had when she seemed to pass out.  As Payton said, she'll have some tests done, and we'll be seeing Dr. Podell around the New Year so we can talk in detail about what may be going on.  In the mean time, we are now being very careful about when my husband or I come home or family and friends visit.

I should say that with all kinds of seizures, Payton seems to be conscious, but I must admit it is kinda hard to tell with the really intense ones.  And as to be expected, the more she has the more she is impacted long term with poor to non-existent hearing and eyesight and impaired muscle control in her left legs, particularly the back one.  But as many of you already know, Payton is a fighter and her love for life (and food!) shadows all of these difficulties!

She is my inspiration and my angel.  What a tough little cookie!

Christy (and Payton)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Flashback Friday...thankful for Thanksgiving

I can't believe that next week is Thanksgiving.  I also can't wait!

Can you find me in this scanned photo from 2006?
Since I'm on a grain free and poultry free diet, I won't get to partake in the turkey, but mom promises to give me some fresh green beans and sweet potato casserole.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving I thought I would share all of the things that I am thankful for this year.
  • My health.  I'm still kickin' some PDE butt and just told the c-word where to go!
  • Family.  I love my mom, dad, Gammy, and Gampy so much.
  • Starting this blog.  It has afforded me the opportunity to reach out and help others.  I've now met 5 pugs (and their peeps) who are struggling with PDE but have been encouraged by my story.
  • You!  I am so grateful to have landed in the most wonderful group of bloggers.  So many great friends!
  • Treats and toys.  Enough said.
How have you been blessed this year?


Monday, November 14, 2011

Cancer...I don't got no stinkin' cancer!

Yep, that’s right everyone!  I looked cancer in the ear and it was so scared it ran far away!  And of course all of your thoughts and prayers played a big role in turning the c-word into the b-word!  Thanks for all of your support!  It was quite a relief to get the results earlier than expected.  So it was appropriate that I partied like a starved super model on a weekend treat binge!

I'm waiting patiently.
Oh, I can see and smell the goodness about to hit my tongue!
Nom, nom, nom!
And here's a video of me eating some yummy nom-ables!

I also managed to con mom out of a new toy too!  It was so much fun to play while the Bears were on TV.  Oh, I gave this pink ball a real beating, just like the Bears did to the Lions.  Hehee!

There is just one thing though.  When mom got the call late Friday, out of no where, the vet gave her a 10 minute lecture on the importance of me wearing the cone.  Nobody told on me, right?  How could she have known?  Oh, no…maybe she read the blog about my early release from cone prison!


Friday, November 11, 2011

Life in a cone...or so I thought

Mom and dad busted me out of the cone prison that I posted about on Wednesday!  I am so thankful that my life sentence was over practically before it started.  (Sorry Gracie, this means I don't have any good advice to give to Snap, who I hope is feeling better.)  I know it didn't seem to bother me from pictures the other day, and I really never tried to get it off, but I just couldn't get comfortable with it on while laying down.  Shh!  You can't tell anyone though...I don't want my mom and dad to get busted by the vet.  Don't worry, I've been a very good girl and haven't once tried to scratch my ear, so that got me some over due treats...finally!

On Wednesday, I was still feeling a bit weary and wanted to cuddle with mom all day.  She didn't mind having a lazy day either, so it was all good.  We caught up on all the great cooking shows while snuggling, and my mom wrapped me up in the blanket that Salinger bought me.

Mom's leg is the perfect bolster.
Most of the day we hung out on the floor and I curled up in my mom's lap.  She quietly got up without waking me to take this picture.

But then I heard the click of the camera and woke up from my beauty sleep and stretched.

Wednesday wasn't all about sleep.  I did grab some toys and play, but just for a little bit.  First up was my skinny raccoon that Salinger gave me.

And then it was a gift from Suki, the giant pink Cuz.

So all in all Wednesday was a good day, but on Thursday, I was totally back to normal.  And my Gammy came over to visit and brought me a new toy!  I immediately went for the gut where the squeaker was hiding. 

I was so happy to see my Gammy.  I've missed her so much since she's been in Ohio visiting her parents for about 2 weeks.

So thanks to all of your positive thoughts, I'm doing great!  And not having to wear that cone is great too!  Now if I can just get my peeps to take all of the advice to give me those meals I missed!  Don't worry, I won't stop asking.

Oh I almost forgot, it's Veteran's Day today, so if you know one, give 'em a big kiss and tell them how much you appreciate what they have done for our country.  My Gampy is a veteran and I am so proud!  Also if you have time, check out Sabrina's post on War Dogs.  Very inspiring!

Have a wonderful weekend! 


PS.  Before Vinny came along, Vito had a foster sister named Pippa.  Sadly she has gone missing from her current home in Missouri.  Please stop by A Pug's Tale by Lola to read more about her just in case you may have some important information.  Thanks!!