Friday, March 30, 2012

We had to say goodbye...

...but you will always live in our hearts.  Thank you for all you gave us in your short time here.  We are so honored that we had the privilege to take care of you and be loved by you.  We love you, Payton.

This morning we had to let Payton go.  Her little body just couldn't take any more.  She went peacefully with Tim and I by her side.  Our hearts are aching more than I can put into words.  Thank you to everyone who was praying.  I'm not sure how long I'll be gone, but please know that I will be back to write a proper closing to Payton's story.  I may not have the strength to respond to all of your comments and emails right away, but know that your support means the world to us.

Christy and Tim

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Wardrobe

Seems like forever ago that my mom promised Sid, his peeps, and Michelle + Myko that we'd talk about my wardrobe.  Notice I said *my mom* because I know that would mean modeling each and every item...not my most favorite past time.  But with the cooler weather this last weekend, it was time.  So mom opened the closet and started to sort through all of my stuff.

Oh, my pug!  It's a mess, isn't it?!?  While she was organizing, I made up my mind that I wouldn't move a muscle until there were signs of food.  Once I negotiated my rates and demands of a professional environment were met, I worked the camera.

First up, winter wear.  Specifically, coats and shoes.

You all have seen my pink "tough girl" coat before in a few posts (to see the pics, click here, here, and here).  And the pink and black ensemble (from Pug Snuggly) is what I wore for the December SYOP contest.  That means I only had to model the green jacket...

...and the shoes, Muttluks.  Mom and dad bought them to protect my feet in the winter time, but they were too difficult to get on me (hehe) when I had to go and are kinda obsolete anyway since I use the garage porch potty when it's cold out.

My mom forgot to include a picture of a related item in the group shot...socks.  Yes, I own a pair (or is that a quartet).  Anyway, since my back left leg is very gimpy and I slip and slide sometimes, mom thought that the rubber bottoms might help.

It may look like I might be smiling in that picture, but I don't like the socks, so I don't wear the socks.

Now let me show you my collection of fleece and hoodies (that doubled in size recently thanks to my friend Tiffy!).

I wore the pink one during my trip to Texas, but I'm not sure I've shown anyone the others.

How about sleepwear next?

I raved about my Pugjamas in my Christmas morning and New Year's Eve posts, but mom never got a picture of me wearing the penguin PJs.

Oh, and I can't forget about my special occasion wear!

My mom just recently got some great pictures of me in my cheerleading outfit and I wore my football jersey the first time I met Miss Tiffy!

So, let's get right to spring fashion (looks like *somebody* better do some ironing soon).

Since I haven't worn any of these recently, I was nervous that this section of my closet would take forever, but mom was nice and only picked out two for our photo session.

Last, but not least, here's my collection of everyday t-shirts.

You all have seen me in a variety of these throughout my blog, so I just picked out my favorites to pose in.  I like the stretchy, almost sweatshirt quality of my pink Cubs Princess shirt, and I get lots of compliments when I wear black so these are probably my go-to pieces. 

All of the shirts (except for the Cubs one) are from a company called Dog Love Art, but unfortunately they moved on and closed up shop.  I was bummed because it's so hard to find a t-shirt that fits my pug body.  Well, until I got a surprise in the mail from my good friend Sid!

When Sid found out that there wasn't an American Apparel close to me, he rushed to my aide, and picked out a confidence shirt just for me!

I am proud to add this awesome shirt to my collection.  Thank you so much, Sid!  I feel so good and assertive in this t-shirt that I want to renegotiate my modeling contract right away!


PS.  I have to give a big shout out to Michelle + Myko who surprised me for my birthday by donating money to a pug rescue in my honor.  That was so special, thanks!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring, where did you go?

Last week, I was so caught up with birthday plans that I missed out on acknowledging the first day of spring.  Well, I think that came back to haunt me.  The last few days have been cold again, and rainy.  Yuck.  In fact, since mom had turned off the heat because of the nice weather we had been having, it was only 60 degrees in the house Friday morning.  Brrr!  I headed straight for the vent after mom cranked up the hot air!  Just when I thought it was safe to leave the house without a blanket...

Hopefully the weather people got it right, and today and the rest of the week will be mild and sunny so I can go out to lunch with Gammy!  I'd also like to enjoy the yard like I did on the actual vernal equinox.  What?!?  A pug can't know big words?  I'm smart.

Please come back, Spring!


PS.  Two more birthday surprises came in the mail for me over the weekend.  One was a package from the gang at Minnie and Mack's Daily Digest!

Isn't that just the cutest mailer?  And look at all the cool stuff in the package!

Yeah, I was totally getting ready to attack those stuffies!  My man, Mack, gave me the monkey, Minnie picked out the lion, and their foster puggle, Mario, chose the green Holee Cuz.  They all signed a cute card with pugs eating a cupcake, so appropriate!  Oh, but wait, you may have noticed the card on the armrest in the picture above.  That was from DW (Writing Chances), who wrote such a sweet note to me on the inside of that pretty hummingbird card!  Ok, now let's get down to business...

The monkey has a pink shirt that says "Happy Birthday" and he is also wearing a party hat, so he was my first victim...I mean playmate.  Thanks so much to Minnie, Mack, and Mario, and DW too!

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Party

I'm not going to lie, the day didn't start out exactly how I wanted.  After chowing down on breakfast, I went back to bed as usual.  Mom got me up for my 9:30 am pills and then nothing.  Where's my presents, my new toys, my treats...good lord, where are my treats?!?

I double checked to make sure that it was actually my birthday and that's what the calendar on my mom's iPhone said, so I didn't understand why the party wasn't starting.  I thought that maybe one too many screws got loose in my mom's mind or she was having one of her (albeit dark) blonde moments, so I decided to start playing.  Maybe she would get the hint?  I think I went through all of my toys until it was time for lunch.  And then it happened!  I guess all of your comments guilted her into making my food!  I had my suspicions earlier in the week when mom was in the kitchen cooking AFTER dinner, so I stayed close to examine and supervise, but when I didn't get anything right away I had lost hope.

Russet and Sweet Potatoes
Green Beans
Poached Talapia Loins and Boiled Potatoes
I think this is my food.

Mom packaged up 1/3 protein to 2/3 potato and veggies into 1/2 cup servings.  I eat 3 meals a day so she'll cook this about once a week, I guess.  I also still get a tablespoon of the Blue Buffalo Wilderness Salmon kibble each meal.  YUMMY!  Ok, looks like this birthday is turning around.  Next up I got to open all of the other mail that was for me!

I received such great cards from Meredith/Scarlet (The Scarlet Sutras), Tiffy (It's Tiffy Time!), Zoe/Webster/Peyton/Liberty (A Day in the Life of Pugs), Fred/Pucia/Zuzia (Notes from the Bowl), and Sammy/Neko (Sammy and Neko), who also got mom that cool car magnet you see in the photo above AND this awesome ice cream cone for me!!

So now I was hopeful that there would be more great things in store.  And before I knew it mom was stuffing blue berries in my mouth to calm me because Gammy and Gampy had arrived! 

The treats worked great.  I did get excited to see them and was a bit out of breath but nothing serious or scary for the peeps to deal with.  Whew!  That means I get to see them again soon.  It was time for dinner.  Everyone was hungry.  I ate first (as it should be) and then everyone sat around the table enjoying fillet of beef sandwiches.  I couldn't believe it when mom gave me a few nibbles of her beef.  Talk about nom-able!  Now she is getting the hang of this birthday thing.  Then it was time for dessert, and it got even better!  A trio of grain free cupcakes made just for me.

Three different flavors too.  Apple, carrot, and carob...all with peanut butter frosting.  I got a little antsy and jumped the gun during the picture taking.  Yeah, I know you guys don't blame me one bit!

So after that little "incident", mom cut up pieces from each one and dad served it to me on a plate.

A fitting birthday treat!  Now on to more presents!  Of course, my attention went straight to Gampy.  He better have remembered to bring the jet.  Well, at least the keys!  That's when Gampy pulled something out of his pocket.

I look thrilled, don't I?

Not funny, Gampy!!  Not funny.  It may say "Hawaiian Excursion", but there is just no way that thing is going to get us there.  Sheesh!  Guess mom was right about not trusting Gampy's wild promises.  But if you ask me, I think he better go and buy a winning lottery ticket soon!

Well, that was my birthday.  I had a ton of fun!  Maybe by this time next year I'll have that jet and can fly all of my friends in for a party, pug style!  Hehee!  Have a great weekend!


PS.  I almost forgot!  Thanks to all of your kind birthday wishes on my post from Wednesday, my first Comment-a-thon was a huge success!  We purchased a big bag of dog food for Wilma's "Stuff My Doghouse" project!  If you want to help, see Wilma's blog and then check out the Homeward Bound Pug Rescue and Adoption of Oklahoma's Amazon wish list.