Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Learning to swim...part 2

Yep, I'm learning how to swim at the ripe age of 8 1/2.  Mom and dad think it will help strengthen my gimpy left legs (that have been impaired because of my PDE).  Check out part 1 if you missed it.  I left off by telling you how we decided to completely take over my Gampy and Gammy's patio (and yes, Hank, this is Gammy Diane who you met and my Gampy who I mentioned is a Hoosier like you).  You see, Southern Fried Pugs told us all about a great pool that we just had to try.  So we gave the kiddie pool to my human cousins and ordered one of those easy-set pools.

dad and Gampy enjoying the new pool while it fills up with water
Quite the set-up, huh?  I know Gammy isn't thrilled that she doesn't have a patio any more, but I have her wrapped around my paw, so all is good.

me and mom waiting inside for the pool to fill
Finally it was time for me to give the "real" pool a try.  I'm a bit nervous.
Dad, are you sure this is a good idea?
getting used to the water...all four paws are wet
Now that I was soaked to the bone, it was time to put on the life vest and for the training to begin.  No turning back.

I'm not sure about this life vest thing!
Like in the kiddie pool, it took a bit of inspiration (i.e. treats) to get me going...

swimmin' for a treat in the big pool
Then just like that, with no warning, mom and dad "took off the training wheels".  But I did it!

very first swim all by myself
Mom and dad were so proud of me!  They didn't let me go to long, and I was happy about that cause swimming is hard work.

dad and wet pug
I got lots of treats for a job well done.  And of course that is by far the very best part of swimming!  A few days went by before we tried it again because the weather cooled down here (and the humidity all but disappeared - unheard of in the St. Louis area) enough to make it too cold for me to get in the water.  Mom was ok with this since she wanted to get me a new life vest.  The orange one was too bulky - plus it wasn't stylish at all!  So I got a cool pink one like my friends Suki and Minnie Moo.  I think this made all the difference!  I'm like a super star swimmer now...  kinda.


Sorry for the annoyingly high pitched voices - mom and Gammy are trying to get me going!  Yep, I finally talked Gammy into the pool.  She's like me...we are not fish.  This water stuff isn't natural and a bit scary.  But, notice that there were no treats in sight.  For most of the laps around, my motivation was seeing the blue ring/edge of the pool.  If I could just get there surely I could climb out!  Oh, well.  Mom and dad don't care why I paddle, just that I do.
me and Gampy having fun in the pool
And afterward, I'm as happy as a pug out of water can be!  I think us pugs will tolerate just about anything for some grub.  I've been getting some Sunsweet dried fruit with anti-oxidants and a cookie or two!  YUMMY!  I'll be sure to keep everyone updated as my physical therapy continues... there's more to come!


Monday, August 29, 2011

Silly side effects…bark, bark, bark

In the last year or two, the PDE related seizures have left me mostly blind and deaf, particularly on my left side.  It doesn't phase me in the least, but I have started to grow concerned that there is something strange happening to my parents and grandparents.  For some reason, it seems that they don't see me the table...waiting to share their food!

Gosh, I'm right here people!  They are more blind than I am!  As such, I've taken to the habit of barking at them to make sure they know I'm there.

I'm sure it's what any of you would do in my situation, right?  Unfortunately, it's not working all that much, so maybe they are going deaf too, but don't worry, I won't give up!  In fact, sometimes you just have to take it to a whole new level.

Come on!  Put that food in my belly!  I try not to be too demanding like this all the time, but you know how it is.  A pug's gotta do what a pug's gotta do!

Oh, many a pug were so impressed that I just lay quietly until my lunch is served in my post last Monday.  Well that is true on lazy days, but on most occasions, I'm in my mom's face at 10 or 10:30 wondering why she is slacking on the food thing.  This has nothing to do with the PDE side effects either...I've done it since my parents adopted me.  Here I am in action - a mild version of my routine.  Make sure to turn up your volume towards the end so you can really appreciate my huffiness.  That is almost as important as the barking...really shows your disdain and disgust.

Did you see those jowls move?  Usually I do much more barking and herding.  Mom had to put carpets in the kitchen cause I'm so spastic (and I trip easily on slick surfaces cause my left legs are gimpy).  Yep, a pug's gotta do what a pug's gotta do!


PS.  I am so thankful that all of our east coast friends made it through the storm!  Just goes to show how powerful prayer and the power of the paw can be!

Friday, August 26, 2011


It's not too hard to impersonate your fellow pug.  It's all in the eyes.

The evil eye is a skill some of us are born with.  Like Minnie Moo and me!  Here's a split screen of the two of us.  

Minnie Moo and Payton
(Ok, mom and I promise that this will be one of the last poor quality, scanned photos of me for a while...we think I was between 1 and 2 years old in the picture - closer to Minnie's age now.)

Now be careful if you attempt this at home, the evil eye has tremendous power -- use with caution.  Right, Minnie?  

Another good expression is the squinty eye.  I've seen Wilma sport this often to show her feelings, usually delight, but it can work to make sure everyone knows you mean business too!  Here's Wilma and I, both in cars getting a little trippy - me with the air conditioning in my face, and Wilma with some drugs (after a vet visit) dreaming of milkshakes!

Wilma and Payton
So, what do you guys think...are we from the same family tree? 

Have a fun and relaxing weekend!!  And don't forget to practice your "impugsonations"! 


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Learning to swim...part 1

Just keep swimming,
Just keep swimming,
Just keep swimming swimming swimming,
What do we do?  We swim swim swim!  

Inspired by Tallulah at Southern Fried Pugs, I started taking swimming lessons.  Mom and dad think it will help strengthen my gimpy left legs (that have been impaired because of my PDE).  I was worried that they wouldn't be able to teach this old dog some new tricks.

Gammy and Gampy were so nice to let me use their back patio.  Ours is not big enough for a pool.  We started off taking baby steps in a kiddie pool.  As you can see, I could touch the bottom with no problem.

Gampy, put your iPhone down and save me!
At first, I wouldn't budge.  Then mom got out the treats, and I was movin'!  Check out this video.

Mom wanted me to say that I did eventually get that nugget of goodness and more after we were all done in the water, but as you all might guess, I don't think I got nearly enough treats as I deserved!  Anyway, not bad for my first try, huh?  My favorite part was getting toweled dry by Gampy.

Gampy and wet pug
After another go in this kiddie pool the next day, mom and dad decided to take this adventure to the next level.  They said I was ready for real swimming.  And we took over Gampy and Gammy's patio even more!  Stay tuned...


Monday, August 22, 2011

Sleeping Beauty and the Food Addict

It's exactly 11:29 and I am sound asleep...

The clock turns 11:30.  What's that you say?

Time for lunch?  I'm ready!


Friday, August 19, 2011

Flower girl

I just love to smell pretty flowers so I'm always glad when we have a bouquet in the house.

Don't forget to take time to stop and smell the flowers.  I hope everyone has a rosy day and a fun-filled weekend!


Monday, August 15, 2011

St. Louis Party

Remember on Friday when I mentioned that my mom and I had received an invitation?  Well, it was to visit Vito and Vinny...and Hank!  Hank and his mom Sarah were passing through town and wanted to meet some bloggers, so Vito and Vinny and their mom, Gina, invited us over to their house so we could have a small pug party!  My Gammy came with me too and took this great picture of us pugs and our moms.

left to right:  Sarah with Hank, Gina with Vinny and Vito, mom with me
I've never been around that many dogs before.  Hank greeted me at the door, and I started exploring Gina's beautiful historic home right away.  Then Vito and Vinny came in from outside and let me tell you, these brothers would not leave me alone.  Hank would come over to see what all the fuss was about, say hi, then leave.  Maybe I give off a cougar vibe, cause the youngsters were all over me!

Me (and mom) in a Vinny and Vito sandwich.  Do you see their eyes bulging at me!
Now it's a Vito and Vinny sandwich.  Mom, I think it's time we have that talk about boys.
I don't know what to do with all this attention!
I know I'm cute, but seriously boys, I don't like my personal space invaded.  Mom had to pick me up though cause I was starting to get snippy...after all, isn't it a woman's job to keep the men in line?  I was out-numbered, but I did my best to let them know that I was the boss and in charge!  Heehee!  We decided to distract the boys attention with some gifts, so here they are in the kitchen hoping to get some treats.

starting on the left going clockwise: Hank, Vinny, and Vito
Vito, Hank, and Vinny
from top to bottom: Hank, Vinny, and Vito
After a while the young stallions, Vito and Vinny, calmed down so mom put me on the floor.  I have to admit that it is rather flattering to be fawned all over by such cute pugs!  I proceeded to explore the house in search of food.  I could smell treats (human and dog varieties) and I was bound and determined to find them.  I really do have a one track mind.  As a result, I pretty much ignored everyone - sorry Gina and Sarah!  I kept going even when the boys got lazy and were getting scratches and taking naps.

Here's Vito!  He's getting a belly/chest rub.

Vito (life is tough for us pugs, huh?)
I think this picture sums him up!  He's a momma's boy that loves to snuggle and play.  And he's got the cutest snort I've ever heard!

Now here's Vinny!

Vinny (with Hank in the background)
He is such a sweetie who loves to give kisses!  Isn't his dark muzzle so handsome?  My Gammy wanted to take him home!

And lastly, but not least, here is Hank!  He is balancing on the arm rest of a couch.

Hank is an Indiana Hoosier, just like my Gampy.  Can you believe that this guy is 12?  I've decided that older guys are where it's at.  I liked his laid back style, and I think Hank appreciated that I left him alone too.  He gave me a heart magnet from his local pug rescue!

Now mom can hang another picture of me on the fridge!
Vito and Vinny live so close, I'll definitely have to see them again soon!  And Hank invited me to come visit him and the other Indy bloggers.  I hope we can hang out again!  It was so great to meet everyone - mom and I (and Gammy) had a fun time!


Friday, August 12, 2011

Celebrating cooler weather

We have been so lucky to get a break from this nasty heat wave.  The last few days have only been in the low 80's with cool breezes.  It's been so nice that my dad took me out to dinner on Wednesday!

We went to Sage in St. Louis.  The owners have 2 pugs!  Anyway, we let mom come too.  Here's me trying to get a closer look at what she's eating.

I got a piece of steak!  YUMMY!

And then Thursday morning, my Gammy took me out to breakfast at Murdoch Perk in St. Louis.  Yeah, mom was there again too.

When they weren't paying attention, I grabbed for the plate of bacon...and was successful!  But they stopped me before I could eat the entire strip.  Oh, well.

Now today, my mom tells me that I got an invitation and we are going somewhere, but she hasn't told me any details yet.  I'm excited!  I'll be sure to tell you all about it on Monday.  Have a wonderful weekend!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Inspirational things...

A couple weeks ago, my friend, Tweedles, sent me an email asking if I would accept the Inspiration Award. 

I can’t tell you all how honored I was that she thought of me!  I think that Tweedles is one of the MOST inspirational pugs I know.  I always hope to catch her writings before I go to bed because they make me feel like I’ve just been tucked into the covers and kissed good night.  Her poems are beautiful and magical.  They are so vivid that we are all transported on her adventures.  So thank you, Tweedles, for this award and for being you.

There are no rules that accompany this award, and that seems rather appropriate.  There is no way that I could narrow down my reading list to only a handful of new recipients.  So I think that the most fitting thing to do is to express how each of you inspires me, what makes you unique, and why I love your blog so much!  This post would be a million lines long if I drafted everything here, so I created a separate page that you can view.  I tried to list everyone that has posted in the last month, but if I left anyone out, please forgive me…it was not intentional.

The biggest inspiration to me (aside from all of the cuteness) it that everyone has welcomed me into this blogging community…no, I mean family...with open arms!  My wish is that each of you get inspired each day and live life to the fullest!


PS.  Christy here again.  I just want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for all your kind thoughts, well wishes, and prayers.  I am overjoyed to report that Payton has not had a seizure since her 3-peat on Sunday!  YEAH!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Waiting to go...

Excuse me!  Mom, put down that camera and let me out!  I gotta go!

Sheesh!  I know I'm adorable, but seriously!


PS.  Hi, it's Christy.  You may have read in my previous PDE posts that in the last year or two Payton's seizures (the ones not related to any serious issue or relapse) are triggered either before or after taking care of "business".  She usually only has one every week or two, but yesterday she had 3 in the afternoon/evening.  Please join us in prayer that this was just a silly fluke and we don't experience a day like that again...ever!  Thanks everyone!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Flashback Friday...firsts

first picture
first toy
first snow
first birthday cake
Hope you are still experiencing some firsts in life.  Have a fun weekend!


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My 5th Anniversary

It's exactly 5 years ago today that our lives changed dramatically.  I got sick and was diagnosed with PDE in Aug 2006.  But this post is a celebration!  Because of lots of prayers, a loving family, and a great doctor, I have thrived despite this nasty disease.  I am a miracle!  And that is definitely worth rejoicing!

Smiling and thanking God for a wonderful life!
It would be great to throw a real party, but we all live too far away.  So if your parents will allow it, please enjoy a cookie (or two), a walk, some playtime, or a good nap in my honor.


Monday, August 1, 2011

Pillow Girl

I'm a pillow girl.  Yes, maybe even a pillow hog.

Sorry, but this spot is taken.
What?  I don't see your name on this side of the bed.

Covers are kinda nice too.  My mom asks that you pay no attention to her pasty face and bed-head hair in the next photo.

Hey, if it's good for humans, it's good for me.
(Just in case you see the carpeting in the previous 2 pictures, I should explain that we were sleeping on the sofa bed mattress on the living room floor after one of my PDE relapses a year or two ago.)

Before my parents bought me a super comfy round bolster bed (think built-in pillow), they had to put a regular pillow on my flat bed.

Here I am in my most favorite bolster bed. 

We got it from Two-Bostons in the Chicago area a couple of years ago, but they are available at many other stores and in a few of the doggie catalogs.  You should definitely ask for one like this if you don't already have cozy and relaxing!

I've also claimed the softest blanket ever (from Restoration Hardware) as my own.   I have my mom put it on my bed.

Yes, I am pampered and deserve it!  I'll be wishing you all sweet pillow dreams tonight.