Friday, April 29, 2011

Flashback Friday…my best friend

I know it may seem a bit unusual to have a flashback on my second blog post, but Minnie Moo’s entry yesterday reminded me of my greatest friend, Isabella the giant schnauzer.

But before I get into that, I just want to thank everyone so much for becoming a follower of this blog and/or leaving a comment on my first post. We are just overwhelmed by the support and interest! Mom promises to take over the blog in the next week and start delving into PDE.

Ok, flashback time! On the day my parents brought me home in 2003, we made a quick pit stop over to mom’s parents’ house where I met not only my gampy and gammy, but my “Aunt” Isabella. We quickly became the best of friends. She taught me so many things, especially all of my non-pug traits (which I’ll save for another day). I was quite the handful in my young age, but Izzy kept up with me and we loved to chase each other and play bitey-face. Most of the time, Isabella was quite the grouch - very stubborn and obnoxious (alpha dog!), but with me, she was the most gentle giant. I could jump up to bite the scruff of her neck and steal toys right out of her mouth and she wouldn’t even give me a dirty look. And after I got sick, she was so comforting and understanding that I wouldn’t be myself for a while. Unfortunately, Izzy died a couple years back now, but her memory lives on!


PS.  My mom wants to apologize for the photo quality, but these are old pics that she had to scan this morning.
PPS. Ladies, I’ll see you at the Sunflower ice cream social later! You’ll soon find out that I am a big fan of ice cream cones!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

And so it begins...

Hi everyone!  I can’t believe that this is my very first blog entry.  My mom and I are nervous and yet excited all at once.  Our very first exposure to a blog was Merrylog (if you haven’t checked out this adorable pug, you must!).  We had no idea how vast the blogosphere is!  For a while now, we’ve been reading all of your wonderful blogs and getting inspired.  So, we thought that it’s about time we had one of our own.  As you may have read in my profile, I have Pug Dog Encephalitis (PDE).  My mom wants to use this blog to raise awareness of this nasty disease, to be a light in the darkness.  There is so little information on-line and most of that is very discouraging.  Mom says that I’m living proof that there is hope!  We look forward to having some fun with our new blog and getting to know everyone better.
Lots of pug love,
Payton (with help from my mom, Christy)

me and mom on Michigan Ave in Chicago