Monday, January 30, 2012

Holiday Rewind...the wrap-up

It's finally here, the last of the Holiday Rewind posts.  Whew!  I'm kinda glad because it was a lot of work putting them together.  I'm happy to go back to the routine of 2 or 3 posts a week.  I'm even going to a bit of a lazy pug on this one and not write too much, so just enjoy the pictures.

Majestic:  Pug and Cuz!

Close up cute!

Fun with blue doughnut!

Xmas cards displayed (I didn't want to count and make mom and dad feel bad about how many fewer they got than I did).

Flap-flip with head tilt and toof exposure!

My prize from Noodles' December caption contest and her Xmas card (thanks so much Noodles)!

Well, that completely covers all things holiday related and now I can get busy with posts about the stuff I've been up to lately.  Not that it's been a whole lot with mom being sick at the beginning of the January and the weather being either too cold or too wet to go on any adventures.  Such is life.


Friday, January 27, 2012

Holiday Rewind...New Year's Eve Pugjama Party

After four wonderful nights in the city (including the embarrassing photo shoot and fun carriage ride), mom and dad packed our bags on New Year's Eve morning and checked out of the hotel.  We made a quick pit stop for a picture in the lobby where they were getting ready for the big party that night.

When we got in the car, I was in prime form trying to make my way to the front seat.  I was just so anxious to get to our destination.

Sorry there was so much road noise that you may not be able to hear my "screaming" very well, but here's a video of me begging dad to let me up front and free me from the mean prison guard (mom).

It never works, but that never stops me from trying!  Finally we arrived.  I'll give you a hint before telling you where we were.  Anyone recognize the pink tree I'm posing in front of?

Did I hear someone shout, Tiffy?  That's right!  I got to spend New Year's with cutie Miss Tippy Toes herself!

I was lucky enough to have been a guest at Tiffy's house before for a football party, so I just made myself at home.  Tiffy's peeps are so nice, it was easy.  As you will see from the pictures to come, us pug girls spent most of our time scheming in the kitchen hoping to guilt our 'rents into food and monitoring the floor for crumbs.

How could we not, when Auntie Michele was making some yummy smelling soup?!?  (Don't worry, we conned Uncle Gerry out of some ham!)  After lunch, we relaxed a bit in the living room with our peeps, and Tiffy enjoyed a pretzel bully stick I got her from my earlier trip to Dog-a-holics.

But before we knew it, the sun set and it was getting late.  Time for the party!  The PUGJAMA Party!  Mom and Aunt Michele totally chickened out but Tiffy and I rocked our Pugjamas

Tiffy's pair has sea turtles on it!  The pink butterfly set that I'm wearing was one of my cool Xmas gifts from the Southern Fried Pugs!  I kept getting compliments all night about how great my caboose looked in them!  Hehee!

We were having a blast begging for food from everyone.  Tiffy's Guncles were there.  I was so excited to see them.  Mom and dad were shocked that I remembered them, but I would never forget opportunities for food!  I also got to meet the Poodles' peeps.  Tiffy stays there when her 'rents go on vacation.  Uncle Gerry made everyone pizza.  I heard it was delicious but sadly Tiffy and I didn't get any.  I guess I can't complain since we did get a few nibbles of healthier fair.  Hey, food is food, right?!?

Anyway, before we knew it, we were out like a light.  Tiffy was perched on a pillow in the family room and I was on dad's lap.

But dad did wake me up for the strike of midnight and I was none to happy (as you can see by my irritated expression)!

Thankfully we were off to bed.  And in the morning, Tiffy and I got the most awesome snack...BACON!!  Just a tiny bite, but it was heaven!  So after our peeps finished breakfast, we all got ready to watch some football.

Even though the Bears were out of the playoff hunt, Tiffy let me wear her cheer-leading dress so I could root on my team in proper style.

It was so much fun hanging with my girl, Tiffy, that I didn't want to leave!

But mom and dad said it was time to go home, so we hit the road again and made the boring trek home.  I was so tired from all of my adventures that I slept the entire way home...except to have dinner of course!  Thanks to Tiffy and her super nice peeps for all of their hospitality.  Can't wait to see you all again soon!  Oh, and just look what they got me!  A Chicago pillow!  We just love it.  Thanks so much!

Well, I thought I'd be done with the Holiday Rewind after a full 10 days worth of posts, but I have one more for Monday to catch you up on a few miscellaneous things.  Until then, have a great weekend!


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Holiday Rewind...Chicago photo shoot and carriage ride

Before I tell you about the rest of my "pug in the city" fun, I've got two things.  First, thanks for all the nice thoughts and comments regarding my recent PDE check-up results.  You all are great!  And second, I just can't wait any longer to talk about 1000 Pugs

I can hardly stand the excitement and anticipation for my chance to pose for THE Nikon, held by the one and only Amanda (Pug's human and his thumbs for The Daily Puglet)!  I am going to be one of the 1000!  My mom was able to help sign me up for the shoot in Milwaukee.  Which means I also get to go to Pug Fest!  You may have noticed a new feature on my right side bar for 1000 Pugs.  If you are going to be in Milwaukee for the photo shoot and/or Pug Fest, click on the side bar picture and email me!  I'm trying to organize a informal pug blog party.  Won't that be fun?  And to make things even more enticing, I think Gampy may be there too!

Ok, this does tie back with my recent adventures in Chicago.  While we were downtown, mom wanted to take advantage of the great scenery and take pictures for the December Shoot Your Own Pug contest for 1000 Pugs.  The theme was winter wearables.  We headed over to the Water Tower.

Mom thought this was a perfect excuse to break out my Pug Snuggly coat, matching Chilly Beanie (hat), and scarf.  Technically, the scarf is my mom's but she was no nice to let me borrow it.  Did everyone get my sarcasm there?  It was quite a sight to behold.  Mom was lying on the ground trying to juggle the camera while this "decked to the nines" pug was looking around trying to get the attention of strangers who might rescue me from the embarrassment.  I think dad was pretending he didn't know us.

Excuse me, sir.  Will you take pity on this pug?
How much more of this do I have to take?
I think we have a winner!
Well, we didn't win with the picture above, but we thought it turned out great!  Believe it or not, I was actually getting cold despite having on so many layers!  So we headed back to the hotel, but stopped quickly to take a few more in front of this mini Christmas tree.

Later on that evening, after all three of us had thawed out from the cold, we ventured out again to the Water Tower.  The lights were so pretty.

I wasn't sure what my peeps had in store because we were just standing around...waiting.  I guess it wasn't too bad.  The wind was blowing, but I was all bundled up and getting lots of attention from passers by and others in line, so that was good.  We kept hearing, "Does that pug have on a hat?"  Then a carriage pulled up and we got in!

It was so much fun.  We rode down Michigan Ave and even on Lake Shore Drive.  All of the lights were so pretty!  The driver was nice to take a picture of us. 

Mom wanted to get some ice cream from Ghirardelli (which is right across from the Water Tower), but dad and I thought she was mad.  Well, I was hungry of course, but I didn't want her to get some because I knew I couldn't have any.  So we just called it a night.  Just as well, because coming up next was New Year's Eve, and I wanted to see that ball drop!  So stay tuned tomorrow and see if I make it to midnight!