Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Inspirational things...

A couple weeks ago, my friend, Tweedles, sent me an email asking if I would accept the Inspiration Award. 

I can’t tell you all how honored I was that she thought of me!  I think that Tweedles is one of the MOST inspirational pugs I know.  I always hope to catch her writings before I go to bed because they make me feel like I’ve just been tucked into the covers and kissed good night.  Her poems are beautiful and magical.  They are so vivid that we are all transported on her adventures.  So thank you, Tweedles, for this award and for being you.

There are no rules that accompany this award, and that seems rather appropriate.  There is no way that I could narrow down my reading list to only a handful of new recipients.  So I think that the most fitting thing to do is to express how each of you inspires me, what makes you unique, and why I love your blog so much!  This post would be a million lines long if I drafted everything here, so I created a separate page that you can view.  I tried to list everyone that has posted in the last month, but if I left anyone out, please forgive me…it was not intentional.

The biggest inspiration to me (aside from all of the cuteness) it that everyone has welcomed me into this blogging community…no, I mean family...with open arms!  My wish is that each of you get inspired each day and live life to the fullest!


PS.  Christy here again.  I just want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for all your kind thoughts, well wishes, and prayers.  I am overjoyed to report that Payton has not had a seizure since her 3-peat on Sunday!  YEAH!!


Minnie and Mack said...

Hi Payton and Christy! We're really happy that Payton has been seizure free since Sunday! We keep our paws crossed that it continues.

We love your inspiration page. Because of it, we have discovered some new pug blogs! and thank you for the kind words as well.

Congratulations of the award, it is very deserving.

Drools and licks,
Minnie and Mack

Pug Slope said...

Hiya Payton - I'm so glad to hear you have been doing so well since Sunday.

Congratulations on your award. You really are an inspiring pug.

My parents and I think your inspirations page is really cool. There's a lot of blogs on there that I haven't visited yet, so I've added them to my reading list.

Thank you for the kind words on your inspirations page - I blushed when I read it! Looking forward to meeting you in the fur someday, too!

-Love, Sid.

Southern Fried Pugs said...

Those seizures are scary business. So glad that you haven't had one for a few days. Here's hoping that they stay away for a long time!
Thanks for saying those nice things about us. If you only knew how naughty we were.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

My dearest Payton
The words in your post is so beautiful.
The trubutes are so loving.
This was just beautiful.
My heart overflowed with love as I thought of you and your family...
and Payton,,, we are all family.... all of us.
We care about you and are so happy no seizures lately.
Thank you for the kind words that you said
- you touched my heart
nitey nite

Salinger The Pug said...


Mom has been seriously flipping out over this and keeps checking on your bloggie and her email to make sure you're ok!

(hahaha...between you and me, I know it was just a ruse to get more foodables out of the peeps!!!)


Salinger The Pug said...

Awww...we just followed your "inspirational link" and LOVED reading all the sweet words about everyone (especially ME! HAHAHA). We're going to check out some of these new friends and say HI!

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Oh Payton you made my day!!!! Thank you soooooo much for you kind words <3 I love you sweet girl:) kisses from our 4!

P.s. Christy I'm so happy !!!!! It must stay away like forever!! special hug to you :)

Tiffy said...

You are the true inspiration, Payton. I cannot wait to meet you and your peeps next month. We are going to party like rock stars!

Thanks for the sweet words about me :)


Winston Wilbur said...

good news about the seizures and OMP you totally descriped Tweedles writings so perfectly!!!!! Tucked into bed.... OMP that is awesome. Mum luved it. Very good description.

Ok off I goes to the separate page.....

Winston Wilbur

Kitty+Coco said...

Payton, that was sooo sweet of you to pawsonally mention us. You really have a special touch with that kind of stuff. We are very glad to know the S-Monster has gone back to it's cave. Grrrrrrrr. Hopefully it will stay away. Mom wanted me to say that her first Boston had a seizure disorder that was pretty bad so she can relate there. Very scary.

Kitty + Coco