My Inspirations on August 10, 2011

Bellatrix – Orbs.  Enough said.
Gracie – She is known as the agility pug!  In fact, Gracie just won an Excellent Agility title – the very first in her family!  How cool is that!?!  Have you seen her in action?  Beauty, brains, and strength…very inspiring!  I always enjoy seeing what she is up to next.
Izzie – Another agility pug with such style, she would put most super models to shame.  Just check out her painted nails.  And I have her to thank for recommending the yummiest food on the planet (Honest Kitchen Zeal)!
Kitty and Coco – I have never seen two dogs with cuter, funnier expressions!  They tell the kind of stories that always make me laugh.  Without a doubt, they would be the life of any party!
Klaus and Natty – These two siblings are both so adorable and likable, yet they have such unique, distinctive personalities – a perfect family!  I’m so jealous that they live in Chicago…my kind of town!  And with help from their mom, they gave me a super coupon for my grain-free food (Honest Kitchen Zeal)…what could be more inspiring than that?!?
Merry – She is the first pug we fell in love with on-line because of her mom’s beautiful photos of a very beautiful pug.  When Merry was modeling and testing products for her mom’s website, she helped me to find some great clothes that help keep my balding body warm.  I relate so much to Merry as we both have difficulty seeing, but still love life!
Minnie and Mack – Their Daily Digest is always fun and interesting.  Minnie has tons of zeal and energy…I think that has helped her overcome pancreatitis.  And that is inspirational for sure!  Mack is a sweetheart…have you seen him serenading for food or looking like ET with his blue Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad?  Adorable!
Minnie Moo and Lincoln – Minnie has such spunk and attitude (aka diva) and a larger than life appetite for all things (eatable and non-eatable), and Lincoln is such a sweet soul filled with gratefulness and love.  I think we can learn from both of these cutie-pies!
Misiober – She always leaves the kindest comments and posts such beautiful, awe-inspiring photographs.
Noodles – Noodles has a way with words and shares such ingenious rhymes.  Her face is so wrinkly and squished making Noodles as charming on the outside as she is on the inside!
Oisin – I’m just getting to know Oisin, but you just can’t help being inspired looking at that cute black pug among all the lush green of Ireland.
Petunia, Tallulah, and Isabelle – These 3 belles have the most beautiful smiles and lots of spunk as good southern ladies should!  Tallulah’s run for the Pugolympics has also inspired me to try swimming!
pug – There is always something interesting going on over at “a boy, a girl, and a pug”, but the most inspiring thing is their display of faith.  Although more about pug is always a plus!  Heehee!
Puglet – Who isn’t inspired by all of his adventurous stories?  The tales leave me envious, wishing I live in CA (although Suki and I dream of visiting you one of these days…)!  And Pug is super sweet and thoughtful too – remember when he (and cool brother Dutch) tried to send me some brain drugs?
Sabrina – It is clear what a generous and caring spirit Sabrina has by taking in foster pugs, sharing her food and toys and food with them, and telling us all about their stories.  As we all know, that sharing thing can be difficult for most of us pugs, but she did it with a smile.  And have you all seen that Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad cooling vest she is sporting?  My mom is inspired to try her hand at sewing so I can have one too!
Salinger – Oh, what can I say about my fellow Turd Ferguson?  First, he is super cute with those expressions of worry and disgust.  I love Sal’s sassy attitude and tell it like it is style.  S-Dog always manages to make me smile and laugh…usually at his own expense.  I hope we meet soon!
Scarlet – I’m just getting to know Scarlet, but already I can tell she is my kind of pug.  Completely focused on being pampered and getting treats…only she has the patience and manners to be rewarded!
Sequoia, Tuni, and Emma – These girls are so caring, always making sure to give a shout out for those in need.  Sequoia and Emma are so cute, and what’s most inspirational to me, is to see Tuni Woons still go after a toy with such feistiness!  Oh, may we all be so lucky to age like her!
Sid – Aside from his witty and charming blog entries, I marvel at Sid because he’s so creative with the way he sleeps, plays, and fixates over food.  He is a true master that we can all learn from.  And did I mention how adorably handsome Sid is?  I think we are kindred spirits, having very similar personalities and interests (and obsessed parents); it would be so awesome to meet in the fur!
Slimmer Pugs – Lately these pugs have been hit with a ton of adversity (repairs to house and pug knees), but they have kept their hope and faith alive, not letting their troubles bring them down.  That is inspirational!
Suki – Her cuteness factor is incredible, off the charts even, but she amazes me with her sweet, loving, and energetic personality.  How can you not be inspired by bionic powers?  I love to read about all of Suki’s awesome adventures.  Oh, and her mom is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.  I wish we lived closer…the four of us would have so much fun together!
Tiffy – It’s time to talk about Tiffy!  Oh, there are her most adorable puggy ears and toes, but she is much more than good looks.  Tiffy is so sweet helping her mom keep up the garden and guard the house – even with her bad eyesight.  A most deserving pampered pug with just the right amount of diva as all [girl] pugs should have.  I can’t wait to meet her on my next trip to Chicago!  Since neither of us can see very well, it may be a funny introduction bumping into each other!
Vito and Vinny – Well, I’m going to have to overlook the fact that they are Cardinals fans because my dad is a Cubs fan; but my parents said it’s ok to like Vito and Vinny, and I should accept them for who they are.  Heehee!  In all seriousness, I love Vito’s Italian-stallion attitude!  My mom’s family is Italian, so I’m used to it!  And how inspirational would it be for sweet Vinny to overcome his health issues and get to stay in this loving home!
Wilma, Brigitte, and Sluggo – The leader of this pack, Wilma, shares her clever words of wisdom for us all to grow into better pugs.  And it’s amazing to think of all she and sister, Brigitte, does for the Sunflower Sisters, and with Sluggo’s help, our entire blog community.  Wilma has said that I’m a combination of all 3 of their pug personalities and that is a complement I will cherish.
Winston, Kizzy, and Tika – Reading their interaction in the middle of a post is so funny.  I guess dogs and cats can get along, but only as good as brothers and sisters do!  Winston looks like a big grizzly, but he is really just a gentle teddy bear.  Kizzy and Tika are dedicated Sunflower Sisters having to live with a Fire Hydrant boy.
Yoda, Brutus, and Ellie – I really like to read about their fun activities.  Seems like there are a lot of youngins out there, so it’s so nice to see two “mature” pugs like me!  Thanks, Yoda and Brutus, for showing everyone that us older pugs still got it!  But we all know how super cute Ellie is, and I’m sure Yoda and Brutus would agree most of all that she helps us to feel young at heart!
Zoe, Peyton, Webster, and Liberty – Oh, to be a pug in their house would just be pure bliss!  Have you seen their birthday celebrations with all the presents and food?  Very inspirational!  Are you listening, mom?