Friday, November 11, 2011

Life in a cone...or so I thought

Mom and dad busted me out of the cone prison that I posted about on Wednesday!  I am so thankful that my life sentence was over practically before it started.  (Sorry Gracie, this means I don't have any good advice to give to Snap, who I hope is feeling better.)  I know it didn't seem to bother me from pictures the other day, and I really never tried to get it off, but I just couldn't get comfortable with it on while laying down.  Shh!  You can't tell anyone though...I don't want my mom and dad to get busted by the vet.  Don't worry, I've been a very good girl and haven't once tried to scratch my ear, so that got me some over due treats...finally!

On Wednesday, I was still feeling a bit weary and wanted to cuddle with mom all day.  She didn't mind having a lazy day either, so it was all good.  We caught up on all the great cooking shows while snuggling, and my mom wrapped me up in the blanket that Salinger bought me.

Mom's leg is the perfect bolster.
Most of the day we hung out on the floor and I curled up in my mom's lap.  She quietly got up without waking me to take this picture.

But then I heard the click of the camera and woke up from my beauty sleep and stretched.

Wednesday wasn't all about sleep.  I did grab some toys and play, but just for a little bit.  First up was my skinny raccoon that Salinger gave me.

And then it was a gift from Suki, the giant pink Cuz.

So all in all Wednesday was a good day, but on Thursday, I was totally back to normal.  And my Gammy came over to visit and brought me a new toy!  I immediately went for the gut where the squeaker was hiding. 

I was so happy to see my Gammy.  I've missed her so much since she's been in Ohio visiting her parents for about 2 weeks.

So thanks to all of your positive thoughts, I'm doing great!  And not having to wear that cone is great too!  Now if I can just get my peeps to take all of the advice to give me those meals I missed!  Don't worry, I won't stop asking.

Oh I almost forgot, it's Veteran's Day today, so if you know one, give 'em a big kiss and tell them how much you appreciate what they have done for our country.  My Gampy is a veteran and I am so proud!  Also if you have time, check out Sabrina's post on War Dogs.  Very inspiring!

Have a wonderful weekend! 


PS.  Before Vinny came along, Vito had a foster sister named Pippa.  Sadly she has gone missing from her current home in Missouri.  Please stop by A Pug's Tale by Lola to read more about her just in case you may have some important information.  Thanks!!


Frank The Tank said...

Oh Payton you are the worlds cutest Pug! You look so squishy and utterly endearing and adorable all snuggled up in the blanket just sleeping, you seem to be feeling well and back to your playful self with all those toys so I’m very happy, I would love to play with that stuffless Raccoon thing, it looks wonderful to nibble on and chase! I’m so glad you are better but I will still be sending you love and healthy thoughts, you are always on my mind! I absolutely love the photo of you and your Gammy! Its fab! You look like two peas in a Pug Pod! Happy Veteran's Day, I appreciate what all the soldiers have done for us both past and present, today is Remembrance day in the UK and we have a minutes silence at 11am and we all wear poppy’s as a sign of remember of them! I’m very proud of your Grampy too Payton and wish for a peaceful future! Love, Licks and Phugs from your Friend Frank xxxxxxxxxx

Gracie the Agility Pug said...

I'm glad you are out of the pokey. Snap isn't so lucky. The cone didn't work (quite the battle, I can tell you), but now she's wearing a collar thing that means she can look around, but not get to her incisions.

I'm glad you're feeling better!

Happy Veterans Day

Tiffy said...

Hi Payton! I'm so glad to see you back to your old self. A day spent cuddling with your mom was the perfect medicine!

Don't stop begging for the food that you missed. In fact, tell your peeps to weigh you and I bet you've lost an ounce or two. That will guilt them into giving you some nomables!


Vito and Gina said...

Payton, Vinny knows all about the cone of shame. Mom too was a cone-failure and only kept it on him one day b/c he hated it soooooo much. You look awfully precious snuggled up in that blankie. And we love the picture with your Gammy, so cute!!

Thank you for linking to the post about Pippa! We really appreciate it!!


Meredith LeBlanc said...

Payton, please give your Gampy a big hug for us for (1) being a veteran keeping us all safe and (2) for keeping us all updated in Blogville. We like seeing him pop up in the comments ~ he is a true pug lover, we can tell. You've done an excellent job training him. And give Gammy a hug too, cause Gammies are super special.

We're glad your cone is off!!!

Meredith & Scarlet

Misiober said...

Payton, we (mostly Fredzik) understand this cone problem. Fredzik also couldn't get comfortable with cone on.
and today pictures !!and you are soo good in supermodeling, just like Puglet! No wonder your mommy is taking your pictures all the time. I love the sleeping one and the one with Gammy, just beautiful !!!
Please send today our special polish hugs to your Gampy :)

Lola and Tucker said...

Payton thanks for linking to my blog about Pippa, I'm sure it will mean the world to her sad Mommy. I was so excited today to see that your Grampy is following me, my Grampy was a veteran too, thank you to all the Grampies! Mom is totally in love with that second picture, says she just wants to squeeze on you! Keep being a good girl and leave your incision alone so they won't have to put that silly cone back on you!

Lola and Tucker said...

Oh and Payton I forgot to mention how right you are in the post on my blog. Tucker is NOT helping around here at all! He is a lazy bum.

Sabrina PugTails said...

Hi Payton, I love all the snuggly pictures of you. I promise not to rat you (or your parents) out to the vet for taking off that cone of shame.
Thank you for the link back to my blog about the war dogs. They are pretty amazing. Could you even imagine jumping out of a plane by yourself? Sometimes I need to be lifted out of the car.

Bellatrix- I'm a pug! said...

Hiya Payton, Good job on springing free of the party cone. Very sneaky-I like!! Totally great toys you have there, but I agree, sometimes a lazy day is just what the doctor ordered.
So your Gammy was away for 2 weeks? That means she owes you like a whole bag of treats!!! I hope she pays up!
I hope you give your Gampy a Veteran's Day kiss, and make sure you check his pockets for some hidden treats.
I'm glad you're feeling better and my mom says you look like a cute piggie at a luau. She says you're so cute she can eat you up. Moms are so freaking weird!

Winston, Kizzy and Tika of Two Cats and a Pug said...

Hi Payton, luv that snazzy blanket. Salinger is totally cool isn't he!

Cuddle days are just pawsome and I can't wait to have one here soon. Mum says we are waiting for a cold wet rainy windy day.

Glad you are feeling betters.


Anonymous said...

Hi Payton,

We are glad that you are better. Cuddle days with Mum is the best medicine.

It is nice to have a good friend like Sal.

Best wishes from Berlin
Carlos Santana

Hank said...

Payton, honey! You look sooooo huggable in yer blanket!

I'm glad ya got rid o' that cone. The only kinda cone I like is one fulla ice cream.

I wish I could shake Gampy's hand an' pat the ol' boy on the back. Did you know I'm a Vietnam vet? Yep, I killed fitty men in Da Nang!



Minnie and Mack said...

Hi Payton, you are so cute all wrapped up in the blankie from Salinger! It's great news that you are just about back to your old self, too. Your Grammy looks so sweet and kind and gentle. How lucky you are to be surrounded by loved ones!

Hugs and kisses,
Minnie and Mack (with extra XOXOXOX)

Anonymous said...

Personally, I've never had to wear a "cone of shame" but DeDe did once. It didn't last long. She kept getting out of it and had it destroyed in 4 days. *sigh*

Kari in Vegas said...


Stop on by for a visit!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi Payton
I am so happy to see you playing with your CUZ toy. CUZ can make you feel all betters. And other things that make you feels better is soft blankys that Salinger got you.
Don't worry, I will not tell the vet you have the cone off- it is a secret!
And one more thing,,, thank you to Gampy for the Service he did for our country.
nitey nite

Anonymous said...

P - you're looking so much better! Now. Get ALL better, and let's meet up for a sniff and some puggie wrestling!

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

Payton we are glad no more are just too cute for a cone!!!

The girls

Salinger The Pug said...

Payton...that cone totally didn't match with your fabulous blanket!!!! Mom got all squealy when she saw the pics of you in it and then again when you were playing with SkinnyRaccoon! (Mom says that because she lives in the House of Testosterone, she's ALWAYS happy to be able to shop for GIRLY stuff!)

We're glad that you're feeling better and enjoying some snuggle time!

S-Dog said...

Glad to hear your parents got that cone off you right away. You have to tell me what you told them in case I have to wear a dreaded cone again at some point. Glad to hear you are doing better and have already got your energy back. I'm glad your mom was able to stealthily grab her camera and catch you sleeping - you look very peaceful. And that blanket you got from Salinger looks extra-cozy.

You need to teach me what I am supposed to do with a Cuz. My 'rents bought me one the other day because they saw how much you like yours. They got me one with holes in it that reveal a soft plush squeaker toy inside. Usually I'm all over squeaker toys but this one confused me a little.