Monday, May 23, 2011

In memory…

Today I’d like to talk about two puggie angels, Josie and Stubby.

Josie, one of Anakin Man’s sisters, passed over the Rainbow Bridge late last week. She was a founding Sunflower Sister, and I was just getting to know her better. It is so touching to read the tributes posted already. It is clear that Josie was loved and will be missed by everyone. I will be saying extra pug prayers for her family this week.

Unfortunately, I never had the pleasure of meeting Stubby, Tiffy’s brother, but my mom and I were so touched by the life he led. He seemed like such a great pug. His last blog entries were sad, but through the tears, my mom was comforted and didn’t feel alone any more with all of the struggles we face with my PDE. In fact, it was the inspiration that pushed us over the edge in wanting to start a blog of our own…to make others realize that they are not alone.

It is clear that Stubby's impact is great, and his memory still lives on in this bloggie community. I wanted to find a way to honor Stubby, to make sure his family knew how much he meant to a complete stranger. And then it came to me. While in Chicago recently for my check-up, I asked my mom and dad to take me to one of the suburbs' many forest preserves.

As I soaked up the sun and smelled the air, I thought of Stubby and his family. It was an extra special day.



Tiffy said...

What a wonderful way to honor Stubby! I'm sure his spirit was with you as you soaked up the sun in the forest preserve. I think of him every time I visit the preserves and I know he walks alongside me as I take in the beauty of nature. Even though I never met Stubby, I know he was a wonderful pug who touched many lives.


Noodles said...

Hi Payton,
I know you are new to Blogville, but I think in a way your spirit was already a part of our lives even before we knew you. Your verve for life and willingness to share your knowledge represents the very best of what Pet Blogs bring to our lives both in and beyond Cyberspace. Both Josie and Stubby (and we CANNOT forget Emmitt)touched our lives in this same way and we all feel a little weakened by their passing.
Love Noodles

Anakin Man said...

Thank you-
sending my love,

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I think it was ment to be when I came across your blog. Something drew me in. Maybe I can feel the deepness of your soul. Maybe the wind directed me.
When I first started to blog.. I thought blog land was a place where happiness lived forever.
I thought it was a place to laugh and have no sad days. But, as I made friends, I found that all these furry babies have lives and familys too. It's not all pretend like I thought it would be.
I found myself being happy when I made a friend. I found myself crying when our hearts were broken as one by one, they left for the Rainbow Bridge, or when sickness came.
My heart would ache. I would hold paws and wish upon stars for miracles.
I especially made friends with Stubby,, my Mother Earth Friend.. and when he had to leave, I thought my heart would break.
I wanted to bury my head in the sand and run away. But then I remembered that Stubby would not want me to do that.
The earth that he loved so much needed us to care about what happens, both to the earth and to each other.
We are here for each other,,, and I wanted to say welcome to you,, I wanted to let you know Payton,, that I sit beside you,, with a paws around your neck.
I loved your post,, I loved how you visited the forest preserve in honor of Stubby.
I loved that you cared,
Stop by sometime...

Salinger The Pug said...

Awww Payton! What a sweet post! We had the pleasure of meeting both Josie and Stubby in Pugson a few times and they were as sweet as can be! Your walk through the forest preserve was a PERFECT tribute to Stubby....he would have LOVED it!

We love that you're one of our bloggie friends have a very important message to share and we just love checking in with you!