Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Deep Thoughts...busted

While my mom gathers her thoughts on our first in-depth PDE post coming later this week, I thought I’d try out a new segment here on Pugnacious P called “Deep Thoughts by Payton”. It will give us an opportunity to get to know each other better by examining and sharing some of life’s more fun, light-hearted topics.

Our humans have these phrases like “caught with your pants down” and “caught with your hand in the cookie jar”…for me, I guess it would go something like “caught with your pug face in a bowl of baked potato soup”! My mom wishes she had a picture of it. I was scolded, but if you think about it, I did nothing wrong. How was I supposed to know that the pulled out chair at the table was not for me? And then there’s the time we ordered room service at a hotel. Mom and dad were so nice to pull up a chair so I could sit with them, and they even treated me to some fruit, so how was I supposed to know that the butter pats on the small glass plate right in front of me was not for me? Ever since then I’ve been obsessed with butter. My mom always seems to drop sticks out of the fridge, and I always race her to it!

Have you ever been busted for something that wasn’t really your fault and totally worth trying again even if you still get in trouble?



Noodles said...

Hmmmmm. Gee Payton, I am sure there is something I was busted for and yet felt it was totally worth the punishment. . . . but I honestly cannot recall a single thing. I mean, everything . . . and I mean EVERYTHING belongs to me at my house.
Couch, Chairs, food anywhere I can reach,chews I mean shoes. . . and so on
Love Noodles

Anonymous said...

You know, the humans laugh and think it's funny when I drag a housecoat or a sock out into the living room. But one little pair of underwear and I'm in trouble. I was just trying to show off to the guests what a good Pug I was.....

dw said...

Payton, I think they need to understand that if food in front of a pug, or even in earshot of a pug, or, maybe even on the same planet as a pug, that it's the pug's! Heeee!

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

Payton well Tuni hasn't got into anything that wasn't ours bascially because Tuni is too old. I have licked my moms mashed potatoes off her plate once while she was right there....totally worth it. How was the soup?


THE PUGLET said...

Payton -

So cool you got butter. Even cooler that your people made it available at pug-level. Who cares if you had to snatch it off the table! I probably would have eaten the whole entire plate.

Dutch snatched butter off a plate once and said the stuff is insanely tasty. I wouldn't know because I was too short to snatch some for myself :(

Pug Slope said...

Hi Payton! It's nice to meet you, too. I don't think Sid thinks anything he does is wrong. After finding all our tupperware and wooden bowls all over the apartment when we came home one night, we actually set up a little webcam so we could catch him in the act while we're away. It's so funny how cute and innocent he acts right before we leave and then, as soon as the door closes, he immediately begins getting into mischief! We look forward to hearing about PDE and are glad that Payton is handling it well. Sid's got off-the-charts allergy problems, so we've done our fair share of internet research / taking him to different vets / specialists. It's good to have a community to share information about some of the issues our little furry friends face.

Kelly said...

Oh Payton, I am always in trouble! One time I grabbed momma's Subway sandwich right out of her hands!!! :)

I say keep up the naughtiness. I fully support your efforts.