Friday, May 20, 2011

Chicago vacation May 2011…and some flashbacks

I had such a blast in Chicago with my mom and dad last week! The drive is never my favorite part since mom makes me sit in the back seat with her so I can wear my seat belt. Doesn’t she understand that I should be in the driver’s seat with all the action? I make sure to give her a look that could kill when ever she does let me up with dad.

Anyway, our first stop was actually to Long Grove Village. Mom had to pick up some garlic infused olive oil from The Olive Tap. While she was doing that, dad took some extra cute shots of me in front of some tulips. Unfortunately, dad’s memory card shorted and those (and many other pics) are lost. I think mom is still shedding tears over it. Thus, I give you the first the flashback of this post.

me in front of the Apple Haus at Long Grove Village circa 2008
Next stop was the hotel downtown. We got a free upgrade to a one bedroom suite! Boy, did I have fun exploring. Again, those pictures are gone too. It was cloudy and threatening to rain almost all day, but when dinner time rolled around, almost like magic, the clouds began to part and the sun came out. YEAH! This means we got to go to our favorite restaurant. Scoozi! This picture was awesome…dad made it look like it was just mom and I out for dinner and we were talking and enjoying ourselves. Gone. You’ll just have to check out this similar flashback when we went last summer.

me and mom waiting for food at Scoozi 2010
The next morning I knew something was up when I didn’t get my breakfast. I was not happy, but then I realized we were on our way to see Dr. Podell. Mom took some cute shots of me in the lobby, but…you guessed it…those are gone too. After my appointment was over and we had breakfast/lunch, we drove to the suburbs. And to my surprise, dad’s parents (grandma and grandpa B) joined us later that night! The weather wasn’t always cooperating, so sometimes I had to just chill in the hotel room while mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa played board games.

staring out the window at the hotel
But we did get to spend lunchtime one day eating and shopping in Downtown Naperville right by the Riverwalk, and we went out to eat at a yummy restaurant (DOC Wine Bar) near our hotel. Our pictures are gone, but here’s some from grandpa B’s phone.

Quigley's Irish Pub was yummy!
The riverwalk was beautiful.
me (making sure no food/crumbs are left on the table) with dad and grandpa and grandma B at DOC Wine Bar
With all of the excitement of the vacation activities, I was totally pooped on the ride home as you can see below.

snoring all the way home
I was happy to be home and made sure I said hi to all the toys I had to leave behind, but I can’t wait until our next trip! Chicago is my kind of town!



Wilma said...

Oh Peyton,
I am so sorry for the camera malfunction. Nothing is worse that when precious photos of us gorgeous pugs is lost. Looks like you had a great time! I am trying to convince Mom and Dad to take a trip with us up to Chi-town this fall. If so, maybebwe could meet in the fur!

Kitty+Coco said...

Man, you got to go to Chicago? Cool. I love the hotel pic where you are looking out the window. Very artistic..
Losing those pics is a tragedy! Dang that memory card.

Kitty and Coco

Minnie and Mack said...

Lucky Dog! We've never been out of our town! Except fore the ride when I was adopted from PA to VA..... and Mack was borned in VA...

Did you get any of good Chicago foodables?

We love last years pictures of you in Chicago and can imagine the fun you had this year!

Drools and licks,
Minnie and Mack

Pug Slope said...

Sorry to hear you had a camera malfunction! My dad is from the Chicago suburbs so he said he knew about a bunch of the places you mentioned. I love staying in hotels - there's so many odors to sniff and new nooks to explore. You look very comfy in the car. Are you on a pillow between the front two seats? That's my favorite spot, too! Love, Sid.

Tiffy said...

I live right by Long Grove! It's the next town over from mine so you were so close to me. Next time we will get together.

Momma and Daddy haven't taken me into Chicago yet but I have a feeling we'll be going there soon. I want to explore that town and eat all the foodables I can get my little tippy toes on!


Rambo and Miss Ellie said...

Sorry about the pics, but loved the ones you showed. Glad you had a great time, and the foodables.

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Payton it sound like you had wonderful time in Chicago, I'm sorry about the pics, for me they are also so important :), but I know there we be more occasions to take even better once :) kisses from Poland :)