Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Indiana Pugs and the Party of Fun...part 2

Hi everyone, here's the second half of the story (or sequel, if you will) about the crazy fun Saturday in Indianapolis!  So I finished part 1 just as we (Salinger, Tiffy, and I) left Three Dog Bakery and headed to a party...a birthday party to be exact.  It was Ellie's 1st birthday!  You probably know her from The Pugs Strike Back.

Ellie, the birthday girl!
Oh, my pug!  Is she not the cutest thing ever?  Anyway, as soon as we arrived at The Pug Posse's house, I could not believe my eyes.  There were about 20 pugs (+/- 3) in the house!  I'm not exactly a social butterfly so my parents were glad they brought treats to distract me while all of the pugs introduced themselves and said hello.  And of course, I was totally into the freeze dried blueberries, but after a while I actually wanted to explore and see what other kind of food I could find for myself, so I was off!

Get out of my way there are food stuffs to be had, I smell it!
So many new people to try my begging skills on!  And so many great pugs to meet!  I really can't say enough about how nice everyone was!  There was Ellie's brothers, Brutus and Yoda, and Apollo...

left to right:  Tiffy (in the pretty dress), Brutus, Yoda, Apollo, and Ellie
And there was Princess Mia, so cute standing in between two of the men (I think that's Gampy on the left and Ellie's dad on the right)!

Poor Salinger, he is like me and not very social, but unlike me, food isn't a high motivator (weird I know), so he wasn't thrilled at all the chaos.  He stuck close to those that would protect him.

"Thanks Gampy, please let me know if any pugs come close."
I, on the other hand, was all over the place taking every opportunity to check on the food situation.  My mom and dad were so surprised and impressed on how I seemed not to be the least bit nervous with all of these pugs.

Please, please give me some of what you are having, Ellie's mom!
But soon, another friend showed I had met before...a boy pug.  So I quickly asked Tiffy to help me out and distract my protective Gampy.  Which wasn't all that hard, he quickly got a reputation for giving the best scratches and every pug seemed to stop by for some lovin' at one point or another.

"Hey, I'm with Gampy now...wait your turn."
So who was this boy that came to party and spend some one-on-one time with me?  Yep, it's Hank!  You may recall that I met Hank over at Vito and Vinny's place for a small St. Louis Party just this summer.

me and Hank
We spent some time on the couch getting to know each other better (with my dad supervising) and then we went outside trying to get some alone time, but mom was there with the camera again!

Where is that good smell at, Hank?
We decided to head back inside, and Hank sang to me and told my parents that they were getting in the way of a proper date!  (I think he might have also mentioned something about wanting a few nibbles from their plate too!) 

Aww, mom..isn't he so sweet!
Not only were my 'rents following us around, but my mom turned down a wonderful Flossie gift from Hank! I know, the nerve! So my teeth would break, big deal!  It's Hank's favorite and he was so nice to think of me. Parents just don't understand!

Well, soon it was getting late and we still had more adventuring to do, so before we said goodbye to every pug and their peeps, I took a potty break outside.  Salinger took the opportunity to "get away" and followed us outside.  At this point everyone was inside so it was just me, Salinger, and my parents.  It was totally dark out, and to my parents' amazement (and probably even Sal's too), my friend shot out ahead of me to guide my path and came back to check on me two or three times.  Can you all believe it?  And I don't even remember telling him about how my eyesight is so bad!  What a great friend!  Thanks, dude!  When my mom was saying thank you, Sal's mom snagged this great shot of the two of them!

Salinger and mom
So after saying goodbye, we hit the road and headed to Springville (just south of Bloomington) to visit my Gampy's relatives (cousins, sister, and brother and their families).  Mom was just too tired to remember to take any pictures, so we don't have any to share from Sunday.  Guess I'm going to have to learn how to do that now...

Well, it was a great weekend!  We can't thank Salinger's peeps enough for entertaining us in the afternoon, Ellie for the invitation, and last, but definitely not least, The Pug Posse and peeps for hosting a great party with lots of good food!


PS.  I hope you all got to see the slideshow of Salinger from my last post...I'm not sure why it's not available...must be a Google problem.  I'm looking into it...


Hound Girl said...

awwww still looks like a blast, I wish we could find other bloodhounds to meet up with!! Thank you for telling us and showing us your pictures

Nancy Medina said...

Payton puggy, this here is your good pal Howie Pee. That all sounds like a lotta fun, but I am particular interested in your repeated references to food. Can you describe what you ate in more detail, and perhaps mail me some samples? I need to be sure I didn't miss out on anything. Maw said I can't have treats since I gots the panny-cre-ugh-titus but feel free to ignore her. I always do. Signed most sincerely, Pee Man

Ellen said...

It looks like everyone had an awesome time!

Minnie and Mack said...

Payton, we're with Howie Pee! Please tell us all about the food! Minnie can't have it either :(
Wish we lived closer to you guys, too!

Drools and licks,
Minnie and Mack

PeeS: We were NOT able to view the slideshow.

Lola said...

Yes, I agree more on the food please. I can have it but you can NEVER have too much food! Looks like you all had a wonderful time!

Kari in Vegas said...

I just love all the outfits the pups wore!

Stop on by for a visit!

Misiober said...

20 pugs (+/-) ?! Another Birthday girl??? You are the best party pugs ever:)) I love you for taking us with you to both parties:) and I love Hank !!!!

Southern Fried Pugs said...

What a fabulous party!

Hank said...

Payton, was the pertiest girl there. ;)

I hope ya liked my singin'! (I was showin' off fer ya. An' I REALLY hope yer dad an' Gampy approved o' me.

Thanks again fer the snacks. YUM!

xo (blush)-


Tweedles -- that's me said...

Oh my gosh Payton, you are so cute.
And it sounds to me like Hanky has a case of puppy love! Tee hee hee.
I cannot even imagine in my puggy brain what it must have been like to be around all those puggys and peeps!
What good times for all. Treats and good times!
Thank you for taking the time to share all the fun with us!
tweedles said...

Payton, I don't think I've seen so many pugs in one place at the same time! I'm worn out just looking at all of you guys running around in all the photos. What a jam-packed weekend of fun! I bet you'll need to sleep all week to recover. It's cool that you got to meet some of the blogging pugs in the fur. Too bad your parents wouldn't let you get some "alone time" with Hank! I know what that's like - I feel like there's a camera pointed at me at all times!

-Love, Sid.

Frank The Tank said...

Hi Payton! There were soo many Pugs to meet, I wish there were more puggys in my area to meet up with because it looks like a lot of fun! Hank seems like such a charter! If the man can sing to you and share his treats then he is the one! I think that is how my Dad got my Mum to fall in love with him! Happy Birthday to Ellis, hope she had a nice day, she looks like a little cutie! It was so much fun reading about your big adventure, you got to see lots of pugs, friends (old and new) and family too! What more could you ask for! I really hope that you had a good time, bet you are sleepy now! Thank you for taking me with you on your adventure! I loved every minute! Love and pHUGS Frank x x x x

Frank The Tank said...

Hi sorry for spelling it was on predictive text! Hank is a charmer and Ellie not Ellis! X x x X

bichonpawz said...

How FUN!!! We went to one of those parties for was called a Bichon Bash! We were kinda shy too, but it was pretty neat to see all of those doggies in one place!!
xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

Yoda, Brutus & Ellie said...

Payton!! I am so glad you were able to come to my party!! It was great meeting you - thank you and your peeps for the birthday goodies and the donation to KPR!!!

You and Hank make a cute couple :)

Pugs & Kisses,

Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

Vito and Gina said...

Payton we are so proud of you being a social butterfly! I guess Vinny & I broke you in, huh?? I'm glad you got to see your old friend Hank too without Vinny barking his head off. Sometimes my soldier Vinny gets out of line. What an awesome party!!! Wish we could have been there. We want to go to Indy soon! Especially for all of this food you claim they had!!