Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Deep Thoughts...leave it or chase it

Many people have commented about how much they like Payton's Deep Thoughts picture. I admit, she does look very regal and important sitting in that formal, fancy chair. And I can tell you that description is in keeping with her character. Like mother, like daughter, Payton enjoyed the finer things in life. The first two hotels we ever took her to were nice, but nothing special, and she was very unsettled and uncomfortable. But then we introduced her to the Ritz Carlton Chicago and there was no going back for this pampered pug.

This picture was taken there a few years back. Forgive me, I don't remember the exact year but know it was the same trip that she fell in love with butter after stealing two balls of it from the room service table at breakfast and where she had to have emergency surgery to remove her gall bladder. That is a story in itself. I guess the little stinker was having so much fun that she decided to wait until her gall bladder was about to rupture before showing any signs of distress. Oh, I can't tell you how relieved we were to already be near Dr. Podell when she started acting funny. Actually we were blessed at how many times that happened. Payton certainly had a connection with that city.

Ok, without further delay, here is Payton's last Deep Thought.


When I was younger, there wasn't even a black bird that would dare to enter the confines of my yard.  I used to always ask to go outside anytime I saw a flock land and would chase them barking my head off.  But now, I guess my softer side has emerged.  My mom says it's my lack of sight and hearing.  No comment.  Since I am not outside in the winter time, the rabbits have taken a liking to our property.  But since I'm not a "pellet" eater, mom doesn't care and lets them be.  And really, they don't bother me either.

So would you just let the rabbit be, or would you chase it?



You may have to click on the photos to biggify in order to see the rabbit but it's there in all 4 shots. It was interesting over the years watching Payton turn into a pacifist of sorts. I'm sure a bit of it did have to do with her hearing and sight loss, but I know she still smelled the animals and could even sense their presence. She would stop in her tracks and her eyes would move right at them. But I think as Payton got older she was more content in enjoying all of nature outside. One of her favorite pastimes besides eating or eating during adventures was just laying in the grass soaking up the sun and smelling all the scents carried to her nose by the wind. I'm so glad I was home with Payton these last years to allow her every opportunity to do just that. Here is a listing of some past posts where she demonstrated her fondness for the sun, http://pugnaciousp.blogspot.com/search/label/sun. I particularly like the earlier posts with pics of her sprawled in the grass. Enjoy!



Minnie and Mack said...

Nope, none of us would let the rabbit be. There was one in the yard last week and I made sure it didn't stay.

We love the sun pictures of Payton. The shadows is our fav with the beach a close 2nd. She was so youthful looking in 2007! Not much gray around the muzzle.

Minnie, Mack and foster Mario

Hound Girl said...

There is no way that rabbit would survive in our yard, rabbit soup it would be :) Sad but true.
Im enjoying all these memories of Miss Payton. Im so happy you had her for as long as you did.

Meredith LeBlanc said...

I think Scarlet would be perfectly happy to play with bunnies if she ever saw them. She's happy to share her yard with the cat Frankie next door. She's a friend to all, just like Miss P!

Meredith & Scarlet

Sammy and Neko said...

: ) Pampered is great. Ms. P deserved it. Love the way she sits on the chair. Miss you, Payton!

Idaho PugRanch said...

OH MY GOSH! Loved the eating blueberry pictures!! Wonderful!
Such intensity!

Bailey & Hazel

Michelle + Myko said...

I would totally chase the rabbit, and then when I could not catch it I would quickly lose interest and check out the rest of the yards perimeter for any other potential security threats. I like that you were always on the lookout and treated your job very seriously Miss P!

Pug Love!

Hank said...

Hank would totally ignore the rabbit - too much effort (even in his younger years!). ;)

That is so funny about Miss P. being a hotel snob!! During our trip west last summer, we stayed in a two-star hotel and Hank was happy as a clam!

PugSlope.com said...

Wow, Payton, I've never actually seen a REAL rabbit in the fur before. I've seen pictures of them on the internet and I even saw a pug dressed up as one for Halloween once. I'm not sure what I'd do. Sometimes I bark at certain dogs and other dogs I'm as cool as a cucumber around. I like squirrels and rabbits are pretty similar so think I'd be ok around them - as long as they weren't trying to take any of my treats! :)


P.S. Your "Deep Thoughts" photos is one of my favorites! I'd love to hang out at the Ritz!

Eddie the Pug said...

The rabbit looks like one of my soft toys...I would try to pick it up, but it would run away! That would really confuse me!
I like the photo of you on the table with the turkey carcass, Payton=my kind of gal who goes after the biggest "golden chicken" of all as Puglet would say:)

A Day in the Life of Pugs said...

We would chase that bunny right out of our yard. Squirrels and birds fear us ... BOL!!!!

Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster & Liberty

Frank The Tank said...

Awwwwww thats made me feel quite sad as I loved Paytons deep thoughts, they made me smile! I love the photo of her, its one of my favourites and each time I would see it was a deep thought day I would be happy! I love the way Payton is sitting, she is indeed very regal, like a royal pug! Which is a pugs decendants! I would chase the bunny but not harm it in any way! I am I do have to confess a "fresh" pellet eatter! I leave the old ones but I like to nibble on a fresh bit of bunny poop and roll in it too!!! Love always, Frank xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tweedles -- that's me said...

If I followed the bunny, I know I would end up head over heals in its hollow!
I love Paytons deeps thoughts, and always loved this photo.