Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I wish to thank the Academy...

It’s award season, but forget about the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards!  Over the last couple of months, my terrific friends have been honoring me with some great blogging prizes.  But before I start accepting the awards, I want to tell you about a special new blog, Life IS a bowl of cherries!, by none other than Gampy!!  Many of you have been getting to know my Gampy through my blog and then his comments on your blogs, and now you can get to know him even better by checking out his new blog.  I love you, Gampy!

First up, the Liebster Blog Award

Liebster means “dearest” in German, and the award is intended to help blogs get the attention they deserve.  I am totally feeling the love from Minnie and Mack @ Minnie and Mack’s Daily Digest; Frank @ The Adventures of The Tank; Fredzio, Pucia, and Zuzia @ Zapiski spod miski (Notes from the bowl); and Yoda, Brutus, and Ellie @ The Pugs Strike Back.  Thank you all so very much!  You should know that I *heart* you too!

To accept the Liebster, I must:
1. Copy and paste the award on my blog.
2. Link back to the blogger who gave me the award.
3. Pick my 5 favorite blogs with less than 200 followers to pass on the award to making sure to let them know.

Since I received this award from 4 blogs, I think it’s only fair that I get to pick 20 blogs to share this with!  To help narrow it down a little more, I decided to only pick blogs that haven’t received the award before (that I know of) and have published a post in the last couple of weeks.  Without further delay, here are some of the “dearest” blogs that I follow.

Next up is the Pawsome Blogger Award.

I am so happy to receive this award from Lola @ A Pug’s Tale by Lola and Frank @ The Adventures of The Tank.  Lola is so funny – always making me laugh; Frank shares the best pictures from his walks through the beautiful countryside of Wales.  You both are super pawsome!  In order to officially accept this honor, I must post the award on my blog and then pass it along to 10 blogs that bring me fun, love, laughs, and furiendship.  I think since I received it twice, I will share with 20 bloggers again because all the blogs I follow are pawsome!  Like before, I will narrow it down to blogs that haven’t received the award before and have published a post in the last couple of weeks.  Ok, so here are my picks.

Last, but certainly not least, the Kreativ Blogger Award.

Yet again, Lola @ A Pug’s Tale by Lola was so nice to nominate me for this prize.  Lola, thank you so much, but you are the creative story teller darling!  However, I graciously accept any way!  I looked this one up on Google since it didn’t seem like an award that might have meaning for dog blogs.  Unfortunately, I was right, but with some slight modification, I think this will do!  Along with this honor comes some responsibility…I have to answer the 10 questions below and share 10 random thoughts and/or facts about myself before passing it on to 10 other blogs.  So here it goes:

Question/answer section

1. Name your favorite activity. 
  • Eating.
2. Name your favorite treat.  
  • Bacon, but I only get that on special occasions, so I’d have to say mango.
3. What ticks you off?
  • Riding in the back of the car with a seat belt on.
4. When you’re upset, what do you do?
  • Cry and scream!
5. What makes you indescribably happy?
  • Food and my people.
6. What do you do when you are excited?
    • Bark (roo-roo) and waggle my back end and tail.
    7. What is your biggest fear?
    • Missing a meal.
    8. Describe your everyday attitude.
    • Positive, happy, loving, and food obsessed.
    9. Name your favorite toy.
    • Tie between Cuz and Skinneez.
    10. Name your favorite place to sleep or nap. 
    • The big bed, but I’ll take anything with a bolster.
      Random facts/thoughts section
        1. Since being diagnosed with PDE, I have not spent a single second alone.  I’m always with mom, dad, Gammy, and/or Gampy.
        2. I like sleep.  In fact, I've gone to bed (in the big bed) before my 'rents on many occasions.
        3. If pugs are decedents of royalty, shouldn't we get a treat, or anything else we want, on command?
        4. I don’t snort like most pugs do, but I do snore on occasion and toot a lot.
        5. I have lived more years with PDE than without it.
        6. I love to be outside, but only if the weather is nice.  If I don't get to go outside, I think mom and dad are being mean, but if they give in and let me out when it's raining (for instance), I look at them like they are crazy.
        7. I have 3 white whiskers, as of this post anyway.
        8. I know how to escape from a latched crate.
        9. I've undergone the at home peroxide procedure twice so I would throw up a three inch arm from a toy and some mother's tongue (the plant).  I was a terror as a puppy.
        10. Yes, it IS all about me.
        I would like to give this award to the following blogs.  I hope they accept this because I think they are so original, and I am already looking forward to their answers.
        Fortunately because I felt so much love from many of my friends, I think I was able to pass it on and include everyone, but if I didn’t please forgive me.  I think that every last blogger that is a part of this crazy community is just great!  Thanks again to everyone that thought to share these awards with me...and thanks to the Academy!



        Chfnman said...

        Payton got lots of treats for that nice mention of my blog! : )


        Archie and Melissa said...

        hi payton!

        congratulations on your awards and thank you so much for sharing them with us!

        we are honored!

        archie and melissa

        Sabrina PugTails said...

        Wow, you sure are a popular girl - and worth every accolade. Congratulations on your awards.
        And thank you for passing on the warm-fuzzies to your friends - me included.

        Sammy and Neko said...

        Payton, you are one of the sweetest girl ever. We love you so much. We now must go to Gampy's blog ~ Love you guys!!!

        Kari in Alaska said...

        Thanks for the award!!!

        Stop on by for a visit

        Elgor82 said...

        Thank you for the award! You are so sweet! We're going to have to check out Gampy's blog! Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster & Liberty

        Minnie and Mack said...


        Thank you so much for the awards! We will be sure to pass them along as well.
        We loved to learn a little more about your cute self!

        Hugs and kisses,
        Minnie and Mack

        Kitty+Coco said...

        Oh boy! Haven't gotten this award and look forward to answering the questions. Thanks P! Didn't know you were such a rounder as a pup. Funny. Although I'm sure your mom wasn't laughing as she was administering peroxide :) hehe.


        Southern Fried Pugs said...

        Wow, you have been recognized! And you deserve it! You are an inspiration to pugs and humans alike.
        Thanks for including us.

        Hank said...

        Payton, my sweet.....thanks a lot fer the awards!!

        I'm gittin' ready tuh put a blog post tuhgether an' I'll include the awards.

        Whuts say we meet up this year fer a romantic dinner? My mom says she'll drive any where tuh see you' me, TOO!

        Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

        Thanks Payton!!! We loved that you recongized us!

        Tweedles -- that's me said...

        Hi Payton
        Congratulations on your awards!
        You are so awsome and deserved these!
        I hope you get many more!

        moPSY+MISIOber said...

        Payton You deserve every award that exists:) THank you soo much for Pawsome Blogger Award !! you made our day :) THANK YOU :) tones of kisses our friend :) PT

        RebTee said...

        Oh, golly, THANK YOU, Payton. Mama says shes excited for me, and she's gonna help me answer the questions this weekend.

        Pug Love,

        Lola Pug

        Rumpydog said...

        Wow! Congratulations on your awards! Thanks so much for thinking of me Payton!

        Unknown said...

        Dear Payton, this here is your good pal Howie. thank yew for that award. I told Annie to BACK AWAY it's Mine!
        I got an I STOLE THIS AWARD EVEN THOUGH I DINT WINNIT and I'm gonna give it to yew as a gift, even tho it ain't mine.

        Buddy said...

        whoa!!!! How in the world do you expect any of us to carry on the tradition when you named over 40 blogs!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

        It's a beautiful blog payton, truly. Well written, concise,touching, and heart warming.

        I THANK YOU for the mention and the award!!!!!

        Pug Posse said...

        Thank you so much for the beautiful award! We are truly blessed to have such wonderful pug friends :-)
        Pug hugs & kisses,
        The Pug Posse

        Pug Slope said...

        Congrats on all your blog awards, Payton! And thank you for mentioning my blog as well. I'll have to check out some of those other pug blogs, too. Oh, and of course GAMPY'S BLOG!!! Go Gampy!


        a boy a girl and a pug said...

        oh love it!! pug wants to know if this award comes with a snack ha!! thank you so much we can't wait to fill it out.

        Tamara Watson said...

        Woot! Woot! Payton, thank you so much for the Liebster! Power to pug lovers who blog!

        Tamara + Rupert

        Winston Wilbur said...

        OMP OMP OMP....

        I am so honoured...

        An award.... for me!!!

        I gotta get my acceptance speach ready!


        Vito and Gina said...

        Oh for cryin' out loud Payton! My Mom is such a huge slacker!!!! You gave me (& Vinny I guess by association...) an award and everything! We missed you and I made Mom PROMISE to get caught up on everyone's blogs SOON! We even bookmarked Gampy's blog and I can't WAIT to read that!!! Mom is just feeling overwhelmed with all of the catch up from her months of laziness. Whose fault is that though? Only her own! Doesn't mean she has to punish me, you and everyone else though, right??

        Later! (I hope!)

        Brutus, Ellie, Pippa and Otto said...

        Congrats on all your awards Payton!! And thanks for presenting us with an award as well!!! Thank you :)

        Pugs & Kisses,

        Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

        P.S. - We know you aren't on twitter or facebook and wanted to let you know that Pugs in the Kitchen are now offering grain-free treats!

        Frank The Tank said...

        Hi Payton!
        Wow so many awards!!!! Congratulations on all your awards and I'm glad that you have shared them with us all - I'm glad you liked the award I gave you and thank you so much for my award, will do a post on it real soon! You are so wonderful, you are "pawsome" and I love your blog! Your a wonderful Puggy friend! Love Frank (the tank) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

        Frank The Tank said...

        P.S - I'm now following Grampys blog and I love it, I love Grampy he is a wondeful guy and a fab Grampy to you! I love all the photos of you as a puppy and of the other dogs you have known! Love you so much, Frank xxxx