Monday, December 5, 2011

Trying to catch up

My mom is pretty smart, and until a year ago (before she got fed up with government consulting), had a job with a fancy title, Senior Information Systems Engineer.  Don't ask me what that means, but it has to do with computers and data.  So you'd think she would be on top of all the latest technology gadgets and such.  Nope.  Not even close.  To push the point home, we only have 1 TV in the house and although the picture is good, it's a tube TV.  No flat screen, no high definition.  In fact, my 'rents phones were old school models that didn't even have the ability to text.  Sad, I know.  When we are with Gampy, I had to use his iPhone and iPad to check in on things.  Which brings me to point 3, I have a blog and she doesn't.  Three strikes and you're out.  So I had to do something.  I talked to dad and we came up with a plan.  Since it was mom's birthday a couple weeks ago, we surprised her with a new phone!

Of course, I was all for it because it was part adventure for me!  We didn't get to go into the Apple store, just an AT&T outlet, but it was still fun!  My dad got a new phone too.  But I think I've created monsters...

I may have to rethink my plans for a new TV and a Facebook account.  I've got to come up with a scheme to get their attention back! Any advice?



Frank The Tank said...

Awwww Poor Payton, I know how you feel because this looks just like when my Dad when he has a new game for the Playstation, he totally ignores me too! There are a few ways to get noticed here ... but it depends on if you want to be noticed for being a good girl or a bad one! You could do my trick and take toys and chew toys over and put them in your Mom and Dad’s lap and do a cute face and paw them to play with you, you could do something funny like chase your tail while making funny puggy sounds so they think you are so cute and much more entertaining than their new phones or the bad way…to wait till they put the phones down and poop on them! Hee,Hee! They won’t be using it for a while then! Wa,ha,ha! (Evil Laugh) but in all honesty the wonder of the iPhone will wear off soon and they will be back to paying with you again don’t worry! Who could resist you Payton! You are the cutest pug there is!! Just look at your cute face looking back at the camera! Bless you! Love and Licks from your friend Frank xxxxxx

Gracie the Agility Pug said...

The newness will wear off, and they'll be back to normal. They won't be able to resist your cuteness forever. Even iPhone's aren't that amazing.

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Uh oh Miss P, looks like you may have to start causing a ruckus to get their attention. Maybe they'll lose interest after a while...

Meredith & Scarlet

Yoda, Brutus & Ellie said...

We know the feeling Payton! Our best suggestion is to get into as many things as you can so they have to pay attention to you... :)

Pugs & Kisses,

Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

Nancy Medina said...

Payton this here is your BFFPuggyPal, AnnieBee. You and me, we are tiny, but we are mighty. I would recommend you let out a nice loud window janglin, ceiling fan rattlin PIG SQUEEEEEL. Let me know if you'd like me to demonstrate that til yew get it jest perfect. Try it, you'll like it!

Payton's Gampy said...

Grandpug you must take control! Hop up on the couch (yes I know you aren't supposed to jump but these are extreme times!)sit right in the middle of your humom's lap and start licking her nose and don't stop till she points the phone down. At that point pounce on the phone and go throw it in the toilet!

Love you,

Buddy said...

*lost all train of thought after reading Gampy's post* snort snort snort snort

Sammy and Neko said...

Oh, Payton... they still love you no matter how cool the new Iphone is.

Attention getter: Neko peed on the Xmas tree in front of papa and mama ... well, the tree is now outside in the back yard with lights on, covered with I think you can try pee on Xmas tree. For sure you will get their attention.... (?)but you might not get Xmas presents.


Noodles said...

Hi Payton,
When they put their phones down, grab one on your mouth. Don't damage it though. Just the threat will grab their attention.
Love Noodles

Suki said...

Hi Payton,
When they put the phone down, go hide it & hold it ransom for treats.


Hank said...

Wow, honey! An' I thought MY mom was old school!'s whut me an' O'Mally came up with last year. We told dad tuh git mom a laptop sos she could sit on the couch with it an' we could sit right next to 'er. Now I know yer not supposed tuh be jumpin' an' stuff but desperate times call fer desperate measures I tell ya what!

xoxoxo -


Minnie and Mack said...

Poor Payton. Technology hit our house, too. First the hu-siblings got smart phones, then hu-dad and finally hu-mom. They have those things with them all the time! Mack and I have even learned the alarm sound on hu-moms Droid and remind her to take her medication! Hu-dad is deep into the computer thingy techno stuff. (We have no idea what he does)

As others have said, it will get better soon! Hang in there!

Love and kisses to that sweet little face,
Minnie and Mack said...

Uh oh, Payton. You gotta keep an eye out for the iPhone thingees. The humans get mesmerized by those things. Also it gives them tools to capture our more embarrassing moments and almost instantly post them online for all their other human friends to see.

My 'rents also use their iPhones to spy on me while I'm at home by myself. Can't a dude get some privacy around here?! Geez.

Hopefully the initial attraction will wear off and they'll be back to paying more attention to you. A phone can't hold a candle to your amazing Jimmies.


The Devil Dog said...

Well, I have lots of ideas to get their attention turned back to you, sadly, you have to get in trouble for all of them. Sorry.


Tweedles -- that's me said...

I think you are going to have to take matters into your own jaws.
My suggestion is grab the phones and then go out in the yard and bury them! Maybe you can bribe a blue jay to fly away with them!
I do wish you luck. I can tell by the look on your face you really are asking for our help!

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Oh Payton we do understand you !!! we have the same situation all the time !!! mommy is checking iPhone or iPad and has no time for poor little lonley pugs :( when you'll find the way how to get their attention back please let us know :) love Fredzio+Zuzia+Pucia

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry..... it's too late to do anything! *sigh*

Kari in Vegas said...

Barking works

Stop on by for a visit

Vito and Gina said...

Ruh-Roh. You should have left well enough alone Payton. Now they are sure to ignore you and never pet you again. My mom has an old school phone too but it does have a slide-out text keypad and she loves it - people make fun of her all the time for not having a smart phone. In fact she & Uncle Michael are going to see if they can get on a family plan next week since Sprint has the I-phone now. I am worried.


Salinger The Pug said...

HAHAHA! We like Gampy's idea!

BUT....humans use a lot of bad words when their phones get wet (toilets or SWIMMING POOLS). Just be ready!

Good luck!


Pee S. On the other paw, it's pretty cool because now our moms can text each other with stupid crap and pics of US! HAHAHAA