Monday, August 1, 2011

Pillow Girl

I'm a pillow girl.  Yes, maybe even a pillow hog.

Sorry, but this spot is taken.
What?  I don't see your name on this side of the bed.

Covers are kinda nice too.  My mom asks that you pay no attention to her pasty face and bed-head hair in the next photo.

Hey, if it's good for humans, it's good for me.
(Just in case you see the carpeting in the previous 2 pictures, I should explain that we were sleeping on the sofa bed mattress on the living room floor after one of my PDE relapses a year or two ago.)

Before my parents bought me a super comfy round bolster bed (think built-in pillow), they had to put a regular pillow on my flat bed.

Here I am in my most favorite bolster bed. 

We got it from Two-Bostons in the Chicago area a couple of years ago, but they are available at many other stores and in a few of the doggie catalogs.  You should definitely ask for one like this if you don't already have cozy and relaxing!

I've also claimed the softest blanket ever (from Restoration Hardware) as my own.   I have my mom put it on my bed.

Yes, I am pampered and deserve it!  I'll be wishing you all sweet pillow dreams tonight.


10 comments: said...

Payton, I think we are kindred spirits. I am also a huge bolster fan. In fact, when no pillows are available, I'll use whatever we have lying around to rest my head on - a book, the bottom shelf on the kitchen island, a trader joe's grocery bag, mom's leg - practically anything works!

Your bed looks so comfy with that soft blanket on it. It's funny, in that last photo, with your ears flipped up, you look like a Frenchie.

My dad's family all live near Chicago so we'll have to check out that pet store the next time we visit them. I could always use a new bed (I only have two - well, three, if you count the big bed I let my parents sleep on). -Love, Sid

Noodles said...

Wow Payton! I thought I was indulged! You have me beat! I just have 4 beds (sock monkey, Snoopy, lil' round and raised COOL bed) but I insist on sleeping on my Mommy #2's bed - I'd say about 3/4 of it. Sometimes I snuggle down on her pillow - right above her head. Hee Hee!!!
Love Noodles

Vito and Gina said...

Payton you look so sweet and cozy and cuddly in all of these pillow pictures! Mom especially likes it when your ears are up like a bat, that is what she says I look like with my ears like that and it's her favorite. I don't lay on the pillow very often, I prefer to be all the way under the covers. And I've only had 1 dog bed and I tore it open immediately b/c I thought it was a stuffy!! Mom says she wants to try to get me a better/heavier quality one and see if I would try it again.

Later friend!

Tiffy said...

SPOILED ROTTEN! Of course you are girl so work it!

I love pillows, too, but I like laying on top of them. I always somehow manage to get my whole body on top of every pillow in the house. I also have my own pillows to lay on but sometimes you've got to switch things up!


Suki said...

Hi Payton,

You have the pampered life and your parent's wrapped around your little finger. Just the way it should be.


Southern Fried Pugs said...

Tallulah sometimes uses the pillow like a pillow, but mostly we all use pillows as beds. The more, the better. Pillows on top of beds plus blankets are just our style.

Hank said...

Well hey there, Payton, honey!

Thanks fer stoppin' by my blog. Yep, you got one heckuva selection o' pillows!

Hope we git tuh meet durin' me an' mom's trip tuh St. Looee!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi Payton,,
So many pillows, so many choices!
You are so pamered.... yes , you are!
(its the best life for a puggie)
I love the photo of you and your mommy,and the one of you in your pretty pink top!
When I sleep with mommy, I contstantly change sides of the bed.
I think all bed should belong to us puggies,, don't you agree!
Gosh,, so many adorable photos of you,, my moms just want to kiss you all over!
Nitey nite

Becky Eversdyk said...

Your story gives me hope for my pug Mel. He was diagnosed with PDE a year ago and has been doing great ever since we left the hospital. I truely believe that if it weren't for quick testing and treatment he may not have survived. I had him diagnosed and treated within 24 hours from the time he had his first seizure.
He has been on Keppra and Imuran ever since leaving the hospital. his bloodwork has been great and no issues since leaving. Most of the literature about PDE is pretty grim. I am so happy to have read your story and courageous battle against PDE. What treatment regimen are you on? Which doc do you see for your PDE?

God Bless,
Becky & Mel

Payton said...

Hi Becky and Mel! I am so happy to hear from another PDE survivor! I didn't see a way to contact you via your profile, so I hope you see this comment. Our email address is on our profile, if you ever need to touch base with us again. My treatment is described in this post:
I see Dr. Podell, who I list in my PDE Resources box on the upper left side of this blog. It's a link to his website with all of his information. He is great.
We wish you guys all the best. Don't be a stranger!
Payton (and mom, Christy)