Friday, August 26, 2011


It's not too hard to impersonate your fellow pug.  It's all in the eyes.

The evil eye is a skill some of us are born with.  Like Minnie Moo and me!  Here's a split screen of the two of us.  

Minnie Moo and Payton
(Ok, mom and I promise that this will be one of the last poor quality, scanned photos of me for a while...we think I was between 1 and 2 years old in the picture - closer to Minnie's age now.)

Now be careful if you attempt this at home, the evil eye has tremendous power -- use with caution.  Right, Minnie?  

Another good expression is the squinty eye.  I've seen Wilma sport this often to show her feelings, usually delight, but it can work to make sure everyone knows you mean business too!  Here's Wilma and I, both in cars getting a little trippy - me with the air conditioning in my face, and Wilma with some drugs (after a vet visit) dreaming of milkshakes!

Wilma and Payton
So, what do you guys think...are we from the same family tree? 

Have a fun and relaxing weekend!!  And don't forget to practice your "impugsonations"! 



Tiffy said...

Uncanny resemblances, Payton! I haven't mastered the evil eye yet but that might be because my eyes don't work. Hey, maybe they look evil all the time!

My Twinner Pearl and I always do impugsonations of each other. Like I always say - if it makes my peeps happy than I will do it.


Minnie Moo said...

I'm so glad someone else does the evil makes me seem less evil. hehe

And yes, we all do wonderful impusonations of one another. Loves it. Keep up the good work. You might be able to take this act on the road, you're like a real actor, taking on personalities and such. hehe


Minnie Moo

Noodles said...

Hi Payton
Minnie and I also share a wild eye look when we sorta, a-hem, lose it.
Love Noodles said...

Wow, Payton, I'm impressed by your mimicry skills! Although, I couldn't look at that first picture of you and Minnie for long - it made me slump my head down and put my tail between my legs. That is an ICE-COLD glare!

I'm going to work on my impugsonations this weekend while we are holed-up in the apartment due to Hurricane Irene. My parents even got me some wee-wee pads because they know I *hate* to go outside to my business in the rain.

Love, Sid.

Mia said...

You are so talented Payton!! I need to work on the evil eye for Maddie!!



Chicas Libelulas said...

Hola Payton!!
Wow !! you found your Twinny in Minnie and Wilma are you Triplets??? Licky also impugsonates Izzy,Anakin macho man Sister!!! We have not found a Twinny for Spongy, but someday!!!
Spongy & Licky

Tweedles -- that's me said...

This is too funny
I love these impugsonations.
You do look alike.. I have never found anyone that looks like me yet