Wednesday, April 27, 2011

And so it begins...

Hi everyone!  I can’t believe that this is my very first blog entry.  My mom and I are nervous and yet excited all at once.  Our very first exposure to a blog was Merrylog (if you haven’t checked out this adorable pug, you must!).  We had no idea how vast the blogosphere is!  For a while now, we’ve been reading all of your wonderful blogs and getting inspired.  So, we thought that it’s about time we had one of our own.  As you may have read in my profile, I have Pug Dog Encephalitis (PDE).  My mom wants to use this blog to raise awareness of this nasty disease, to be a light in the darkness.  There is so little information on-line and most of that is very discouraging.  Mom says that I’m living proof that there is hope!  We look forward to having some fun with our new blog and getting to know everyone better.
Lots of pug love,
Payton (with help from my mom, Christy)

me and mom on Michigan Ave in Chicago


Anonymous said...

Payton, this is your gammy and gampy. We want to wish you all the joys and success with your new adventure with your mom. I hope you have alot of followers, especlally those who need your help.
We love you and you bring such laughter and joy to us.

Gracie the Agility Pug said...

Thanks for inviting me to follow your blog (and thanks for checking mine out).

Wow, a PDE Survivor. I didn't think that was possible. It's my mom's worst pug nightmare, but you are proof that there is hope. She donates a lot to PDE research, and more than once has swabbed us for DNA to help out.

Just wanted to say hi, and I look forward to reading about your adventures.


Pearl said...

Hi Payton!

I am Pearl from Oklahoma- it's so nice to meet you! You are definitely a miracle pug. PDE is such a horrible disease and I am SO happy to see you here and blogging!

We have a few families here in the pug blog world that have been affected by PDE- I know they will love to meet you and see you advocating for research. Welcome to blogging!

Love, Pearl

Bellatrix- I'm a pug! said...

Hey Payton,
Bellatrix here. You're like a PugStar coming out to share your experiences with PDE. My mom had a cousin who's pug went over the bridge because of it. Can't wait to read your stories, and any help you can give our 'rents about this disease.
I mean hello? Us pugs are the best ever, and we can kick the ass of anything that comes our way (even border collies!). So thanks for sharing and welcome to the blogverse.

Kitty+Coco said...

Hello new friend! Welcome to the blog world. We can say from experience that you will find some wonderful and caring people here. Oh yeah, and FUNNY too. We look forward to hearing more about your condition and adventures. I (Kitty) have just been diagnosed with Glaucoma and am learning all about that.
See you at the Sunflower Pawty this weekend!

Kitty and Coco

Anonymous said...

Welcome Payton! You truely are an inspiration. My sister fell victim to PDE last summer and quicky crossed the bridge because of it. Sadly this happened only weeks after she finally found her forever home. Luckily by brother and I have not shown any signs and hopefully never will.

I look forward to following your journey.

Treat Lover said...

Dear Payton,
Congratulations on your blog! I've tried to start a blog, but my human just isn't very helpful. I need to motivate her somehow.
Thanks for raising awareness of PDE. I'd never heard of it, but now I can watch out for it. Sorry for anyone who suffers from it, or who lost a fellow pug to it.

Coco (and Chili)

THE PUGLET said...

Hi Payton!

Welcome to the other side of the blogosphere :)

Kinda random, but my human keeps forgetting to ask if you take Gabapentin for your PDE. We have a whole jar of it....

Hugs + SPAM

Pug + Dutch too

Payton said...

Thanks to everyone for such a warm welcome! Sometimes my mom and dad feel all alone with my PDE struggles, but I now know that is not the case. I am saddened to hear that so many of you have lost a sweet pug to this disease.
Kitty, we'll be praying and sending positive thoughts your way that this Glaucoma thing is no big deal.
Pug, as a matter of fact, I do take Gabapentin (100mg tablet twice a day) among many other drugs. My mom has promised me that we'll be making a "drug" post very soon.

Minnie Moo said...


Thanks for raising awareness about this horrible disease. Glad you have started a blog, welcome and can't wait to get to know you! You already rock.


Minnie Moo

Noodles said...

Hi Payton, Saw your note on Minnie Moo's blog. I am so pleased to welcome you to Blogville. If you get a chance check out my blog A Bowl of Noodles ( I LOVE making new furiends. My Mommy #2 wanted me to tell you that Walter Payton was one of her sports heroes and she isn't even from Chicago! I look forward to more posting by you and CONGRATS for licking the c--p outta PDE!
Love Noodles

5puggums2mamasanddadandhiscat said...

Hi Payton! We saw a post you left on Minnie & Lincoln's site and wandered over for a look-see. We are 5 pugs from Augusta, KS...just right outside the "air capitol" called such because of all the air plane manufacturers build in that town and we have like 3+ airports. Welcome to the bloggy community and we don't know anything about please make us more knowledgeable about it!
Much luvums,
The Slimmer Puggums
George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, and Mimi
Pee-s: If you aren't already a member of The Sunflower Sister Club, you must visit Ms. Wilma ASAP as we induct our new members soon. (Wilma the Pug)

Rambo and Miss Ellie said...

Hi Payton,
We saw your post on Puglet blog. We are like you were, we only read and leave notes. Mom feels really nervous and hasn't hit the excited stage yet. Guess our time will come later.
Can't wait to read about all of your wonderful adventure. Bellatrix has it right your are a PugStar.
New friends from South Carolina,
Rambo and Miss Ellie

Two Pugs in a Pod said...

Hi Payton! You are a Chicago pug too??? Welcome to our little blogger universe! We are so happy to meet you (and glad you found our blog!) Our mama is very interested to hear all about your experiences with PDE - even though she is a bit scared, too. What pug mama wouldn't be? But we are SO happy you are a survivor, and sure that there is MUCH more to you than that. We can't wait to hear all about you!

Klaus & Natty

Minnie and Mack said...

Hi Payton and welcome to Blogville! IT's always exciting to meet new puggie friends. I'm Minnie Cooper-a puggle. My brother is Mack the Pug. We have suffered the loss of our very first Grandpug to PDE. Hu-mom always has leaky eyes when she remembers our litte Gus and his terrible fight with PDE. Gus was only 7 months old when he passed over the Rainbow Bridge. His first seizure was at 3 months. You are a miracle!! We hope you'll come and visit our blog from time to time.
We pray and keep our paws crossed for your continued fight against PDE.

Drools and licks,
Minnie and Mack

Minnie and Macks Daily Digest

Chicas Libelulas said...

Hola Payton!!
Welcome to the Bloggie World!! Wilma told us you became a Sunflower Sisters!!!
Spongy & Licky